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About Total Enlightenment Store and the I AM University

fotolia-52724283-xs.jpgDear friend on the Spiritual path,

Welcome to the I AM University's Total Enlightenment Store.


We are living in the most amazing time in Earth’s recent history. People all over the world are waking up to the truth of their Divine Identity and the oneness of all life. 

And as we all awaken from our collective slumber and dream of separation and lack, a whole new world is opening up before our eyes. 

A world of oneness, joy and eternal bliss! A world of infinite vastness and divinity that has always been there but which we could not see with our negative ego, fear-based, separative minds.

As we learn to transcend our Source-denying, fear-based, separative mind, we will start to see the light around us and begin to remember the love inside of us.

blueflowersmall.jpgWe become awakened. We become enlightened.

We attain our evolutionary goal: enlightenment!

quote.jpgTo enjoy good health, to bring true happiness to one's family, to bring peace to all, one must first discipline and control one's own mind.  If a person can control his or her mind, he or she can find the way to enlightenment, and all wisdom and virtue will naturally come to him or her. - The Buddha


Everything that we offer here in this store is dedicated to our personal and global awakening and enlightenment.

Total Enlightenment Store is the official service store of Dr Joshua David Stone, author of the Easy to Read Encyclopedia of the Spiritual Path, and the I AM University.

The initials “I AM” in “I AM University” stand for “Integrated Ascended (=Enlightened) Master.” 

As the name suggests, we specialize in offering support and education in how to become an Integrated Enlightened Master in this lifetime by providing comprehensive training and integrated tools for Spiritual, psychological and physical/Earthly self-mastery and attunement.

quote.jpgSo everything you will find in this store serves one and one purpose only: to help you awaken from the dream of separation so you may step into your Divinity and mighty destiny as an Integrated Enlightened Master and Awakened Soul.

To find out what exactly an Integrated Enlightened Master is, why you should strive to become one and how to attain that lofty goal, please scroll down and continue to read on.

We look forward to being of service to you.
I AM University





PS: Our powerful meditations and beautiful musical creations are a team effort. Meet the team.






What is an Integrated Enlightened Master?

At the I AM University we specialize in offering support, training and education in how to become an Integrated Enlightened Master.

An Integrated Enlightened Master, or Integrated Ascended Master, is someone who:

  • fotolia-51424655-xs-flip.jpgpatiently strives for Spiritual, psychological and physical/Earthly self-mastery in an integrated and balanced way,
  • joyfully recognizes the spirit of Divinity in self and others,
  • is fully right with self, our Creator and the world,
  • has unshakable self-love and self-worth,
  • has iron will power in service of humanity,
  • devotedly dedicates their life to planetary world service,
  • inspiringly leaves a legacy for the world,
  • has a fulfilling private life and exceptional relationships,
  • enthusiastically recognizes that they have a unique gift to share with the world,
  • full-heartedly believes that abundance and prosperity is their birthright,
  • openly spreads love, light and harmony in the world,
  • perseveringly masters their subconscious and conscious minds in service of the Superconscious mind,
  • victoriously steps out of mass consciousness and into group consciousness,
  • actively transcends the lower self and negative ego mind,
  • intently listens to the Still Small Voice Within,
  • endlessly develops their intuition and higher mind,
  • blissfully recognizes the subtler dimensions of reality,
  • is eagerly open to higher intuitive philosophy,
  • peacefully merges with their Divine Self or Eternal Self on Earth,
  • is Soul-conscious and awakened. 200x23-colorballs.gif



Essentially an Integrated Ascended Master, or Integrated Enlightened Master, is an Enlightened Pioneer.

quote.jpgThe dictionary defines a Pioneer as someone who is “first, brave, experimental, original, a leader, someone who lays the groundwork, who creates, develops, instigates and spearheads.”

An Integrated Enlightened Master and Pioneer is a trailblazer who shows the way to an enlightened humanity.

The world needs Enlightened Pioneers in every field of service, from politics, to education, business, arts, science, religion, philosophy and the restructuring of society in its every aspect.

Take your rightful place today!

There is a Pioneer inside of you. Share it with the world!


blueflowersmall.jpgWhy should you consider striving to become an Integrated Enlightened Master?

Here are three compelling reasons:

num1.png fotolia-5648406-xs.jpg  It is the destiny of humanity to awaken from our collective slumber of thinking that we are our physical bodies, separate from one another, from our Creator and the world.
num2.png   It is the destiny of humanity to step out of our lower self and into our Higher Self, to move from fear to love, from separation to oneness, and from selfishness to selflessness.
num3.png   And it is the destiny of humanity to collectively create a new, peaceful, joyful, beautiful, loving, harmonious, abundant, fair, awakened, nurturing, connected, supportive and enlightened world for everyone!

So why postpone the inevitable? Why postpone our destiny?

We each have been given the gift of choice.

We can either choose to be part of the problem or part of the solution.

The solution to the world’s problems that we are faced with today lies in each one of us taking responsibility for fulfilling our part in the awakening of humanity.

By choosing to become an Integrated Enlightened Master you become part of the solution. You step into your destiny.

And the reward will be deep inner peace, an overwhelming sense of fulfillment, a heart filled with infinite joy and a life lived with deep purpose and higher meaning.

The real reason why so many people in this world are unhappy, depressed and unfulfilled is because they don’t see the bigger picture and their part in all of this.

They don’t understand that life is about service, Spiritual growth and enlightenment.

They don’t understand that they are divine, and that the whole purpose of life is to realize their Divinity.

Decide to become an Enlightened Pioneer today and every day of the rest of your life will be a joyful day!


How can you become an Integrated Enlightened Master?

The phrase “Integrated Enlightened Master” is made up of three words: integration, enlightenment and mastery.

The reason why we choose and use the term Integrated Enlightened (or: Ascended) Master at the I AM University is because, essentially, these three words describe the process.

chakraman.jpgnum1.png  We integrate all aspects of our Spiritual constitution (physical/ etheric body, emotional body, mental body, higher Spiritual bodies, conscious mind, subconscious mind, Superconscious mind, inner child, higher senses, … ) and master them all in service of Spirit, by this way releasing and anchoring the light of our Soul and Mighty I AM.

num2.png  We become enlightened by integrating the light of our Soul and Spirit in our thinking, our feeling, our actions, our relationships, our workspace, our daily interactions and life … in a masterful way. We ascend by raising our frequency; we ascend by anchoring light into our bodies and consciousness.

num3.png  We master the vehicles and tools through which our Soul and Spirit works by integrating them in service of the light of the Soul.

Following this process, you will experience Spiritual alignment, mental mastery, emotional wellbeing and Earthly fulfillment.

Are you starting to get excited? Are you starting to realize your mighty destiny? Are you starting to remember what you have come here to do?

W A K E   U P !


quote.jpgAt the I AM University you will learn everything you need to know to become an Integrated Enlightened Master in no time, so you can serve as such on Earth and live an exceptionally fulfilling life!


If you would like a more detailed explanation of what the process entails, please read on.



1: Integration

In intuitive philosophy there is a concept called The Seven Rays. The Seven Rays are said to make up the Personality of our Creator. Our Creator is:

fotolia-19250748-xs.jpgnum1.png   Powerful (First Ray of Power, Will and Purpose) 

num2.png   Loving (Second Ray of Love, Wisdom and Understanding)

num3.png   Intelligent (Third Ray of Active Intelligence)

num4.png   Harmonious (Fourth Ray of Harmony through Conflict)

num5.png   Knowing (Fifth Ray of Concrete Knowledge)

num6.png   Devoted to His/Her Creation (Sixth Ray of Idealism and Devotion)

num7.jpg   Free (Seventh Ray of Ceremony, Law and Order)

In truth, being an extension of our Creator and therefore totally like our Creator, we also are powerful, loving, intelligent, harmonious, knowing, devoted to oneness and free! We are all extensions of Divinity, perfect and complete!

quote.jpgHowever, ever since the so-called Fall of Man (a phrase commonly used to describe humanity's collective decision to deny our Creator and our Divinity - in intuitive philosophy also referred to as the so-called Breaking of the Antahkarana), so ever since the so-called Fall of Man, in our awareness we all have been cut off from and therefore been denying our Divine Source. And along with the decision to deny our Creator and our Divine Source, we also chose to deny our own Divine Self. And along with the decision to deny our own Divine Self, we chose to deny and become ignorant of the Seven Rays making up our Spiritual constitution - with the necessary consequence of unconsciously misusing for selfish purposes all these Divine energies (out of our ignorance and unawareness). So our decision to deny Source was a decision to be imperfect and incomplete! Not in reality, but in our awareness of reality.

num1.png   And this is why hardly anybody in this world today has true personal power and why our motives are not aligned with Divine Purpose and Intent. (First Ray)

num2.png   And this is why hardly anybody in this world today has true self-love and self-worth and why we all live in fear. (Second Ray)

num3.png   And this is why hardly anybody in this world today actively demonstrates true higher intelligence in their daily life and why we mostly act unintelligently. (Third Ray)

num4.png   And this is why hardly anybody in this world today is right with self and in harmony with the world and why we have not yet transmuted or harmonized the dualities of the lower self into the oneness of the Higher Self. (Fourth Ray)

num5.png   And this is why hardly anybody in this world today knows that they are Divine and why we are all ignorant of our Divine Home and Source. (Fifth Ray)

num6.png   And this is why hardly anybody in this world today is truly devoted to their dharma (their Divine Purpose) and why people worship false gods and idols instead of the One Life. (Sixth Ray)

num7.jpg   And this is why hardly anybody in this world today is truly free, being victimzed by their own Source-denying mind and energies, and why we don't take the initiative to understand all the Divine Laws that maintain Divine Order throughout the Cosmos and in our lives. (Seventh Ray).

fotolia-22780179-xs.jpgOur decision to deny Source was a decision to deny our Higher Self, our higher mind, our intuition, our subtler bodies, the higher aspects of our consciousness, and our oneness with all life!

The consequences of our collective denying was the birthing of fear, fragmentation and frustration.

It was the birth hour of the “negative ego™,” which is just another word for “denial of God (Source).”

Our Creator has given us everything, but having cut ourselves off from Source in our awareness, we deny it out of fear of our own greatness.

Thank God, to deny something does not mean that it has gone.

We are still the Divine Mighty I AM Presence, always have been and always will be.

Our denying our Eternal Divinity has not changed the truth of our identity. However, it has brought needless suffering, pain and unhappiness into our lives.

fotolia-22780283-xs.jpgBy making a conscious effort to STOP denying our power, love, wisdom, beauty, knowledge, idealism, freedom and the truth about our Spiritual identity, and instead affirming these qualities and aspects, and re-integrating them in our life and consciousness, we stop suffering and living in fear, worry and pain!

We return our life and consciousness to wholeness and completion.

We stop lacking. We stop looking outside of ourselves, at other people and in material things, to feel whole and complete.

So long as any of these energies are missing in our consciousness or misused for selfish (separative) purposes, we will literally be imperfect and incomplete.

Our consciousness will be fragmented. We undo the fragmentation through integration. Hence the need for integration.

quote.jpgPlease note: Contrary to popular opinion, the only thing you do not want to integrate is your negative ego. Why? Because the negative ego is the “denial of God” or the "denial of oneness," and obviously we will never realize our Divinity and oneness with all life so long as we keep denying it. The Vedas teach that “God equals man minus ego.” To realize God (Divine Oneness), we have to minus the ego, we have to transcend our separation-worshipping lower self and stop denying Source – which we do every moment we live out of our fear-based, lower self mind! At the I AM University you will learn everything you need to know to successfully transcend the negative ego mind and regain awareness of your Divine Identity.

There is NOTHING we have to DO to BECOME God, but there is ONE THING we have to UNDO to REALIZE God. And that one thing we have to undo to realize God is our denial of God. At the I AM University we offer a systematic approach to undo our denial of God (Source, Spirit, Universe, Divine Oneness - please pick a language that works best for you.)


2: Enlightenment 

The process of Self Realization is intimately related to light.


Because the very essence of our Soul is love and the very nature of our Soul is light.

quote.jpgJust as the human being is distinguished from the animal in that he is self-conscious, the Integrated Enlightened Master is differentiated from the human being in that he is Soul-conscious. The current evolutionary goal of humanity is to move from being self-conscious to being Soul-conscious.200x23-colorballs.gif

420c420-lightenlightenment.jpgSince the very nature of our Soul is light, the process of Soul Realization – the process of growing aware of ourselves as Souls - is intimately related to light.

That’s why Djwhal Khul advised all serious students to “keep their mind steady in the light.”

In Buddhism, the word “enlightenment” roughly means “awakening.” The word itself literally means “to remove blindness from one’s heart and eyes.”

To be identified with the lower self is to be blind, psychologically speaking, because we are blinding out the Higher Self which is the real Self.

We remove our blindness by flooding our mind and consciousness with light.

When you keep your mind steady in the light and focus your attention on matters of the Soul (which you do when you read literature on the nature of the Soul as we offer it here in our Total Enlightenment Store), you allow your Soul to flood your mind, emotional nature and physical/etheric instrument with the light of Soul awareness. As the light of Soul awareness takes root in your brain and nervous system, the conscious thinking “I” with which we are all identified (the Soul in incarnation - anchored in the brain - that does not know itself to be Soul) slowly but surely grows aware of itself as Soul.

As we grow aware of ourselves as Souls and realize - in our brain awareness - that we ARE Souls, we become awakened.

We become enlightened.

We reach our evolutionary goal.


3: Mastery

The word “master” comes from the Old English mægester and means “one having control.”

The Integrated Ascended Master, or Integrated Enlightened Master, is in charge of their vehicles.

Integrated Enlightened Masters are in control of their thoughts, mind, emotions, subconscious mind, physical body, energy system, relationships, actions, words, diet, destiny and everything!


Because all of these energies and aspects are only tools and vehicles that we as Souls and Spirits use to express ourselves in this world.

At the I AM University we teach Spiritual, psychological and physical/Earthly self-mastery.

Self-mastery is the process of we, as Soul and Spirit, “taking control” of our vehicles instead of our mind, inner child, emotional body, moods, etc. running our lives and controlling us, the indwelling Soul.

Most people in this world are victimized by all these energies and forces.

The Integrated Enlightened Master is in control!

And this is why he or she has inner peace.

quote.jpgWe are either in charge and in control or being controlled. When we as Souls control our bodies and energies and master them in service of the Divine, we fulfill our evolutionary goal. However, when we as Souls, indwelling our bodies, are run by our own bodies and internal energies, we are literally imprisoned in our own house. To attain freedom from the wheel of rebirth (freedom from the prison) you have to be the commander-in-chief in your own house, so to speak. You become the commander-in-chief when you as the Soul strive to MASTER and CONTROL all of the energies and forces that constitute your bodies, consciousness and environment.

If you want to have inner peace in your life, you must be in charge of your mind, emotions, subconscious mind, inner child, and so forth. Self-mastery is the door to real freedom.

At the I AM University, you will learn all that and much, much more …

Are you ready to make a commitment to become an Integrated Enlightened Master? Then enroll in the I AM University here and now!

We look forward to being of service to you.