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Exercise: Create a force field of love around you


Here is a great exercise to train your emotional invulnerability.

Visualize a golden force field around you. Your aura is a force field. Color it golden. Gold is the color of Christ Consciousness. Christ Consciousness is just another word for the perfect expression of Divine Love. So visualize a golden-colored force field around you. Make it super large and merge with this energy which is pure love. You are now surrounded by a force field of pure love.

With this force field of perfect love in place, go about your day doing whatever needs to get done. Do your job, do your groceries, do your emails, spend time with your family and friends, watch the news, read a book, etc. BUT stay vigilant against any energy currents or forces that come your way and try to influence you to bring you down emotionally. Let me give you some examples:

As you read the news and hear about some tragic event, don‘t allow the energy of this piece of news to pull you down emotionally and make you feel sad, depressed or afraid. Instead, keep your golden force field in place and see how the energy of the „fear-based news“ is transmuted into love and compassion as it touches your force field.

As you spend time with your family and friends, watch the movement of energy beneath your communications. See how a loving word feels different to an angry word. Try to be conscious of words being the articulation of forces, and whenever a fear-based force tries to enter your field, see it transmute into love as it hits your force field.

As you do your job and deal with your boss and colleagues, see your golden force field of perfect divine love in place and notice how all fear-based forces coming your way are transmuted into love as they hit your force field.

So, place a force field of love around you. Dr Joshua David Stone liked to call this the Golden Bubble of Protection, but since our current evolutionary goal involves a more scientific approach to life and the Spiritual path, I think calling the Golden Bubble by its proper name is a good way to go, because the Golden Bubble of Protection is, in essence, a force field of love and light around you. It protects you from all fear-based energies and attacks. Why? Because love is stronger than fear. Love is just another word for oneness. Fear is just another word for separation. The energy of oneness is always stronger than the forces of separation.

Remember, we live in a world of energies and forces. Part of our evolutionary goal right now is learning to consciously live in this world of energies and learning to consciously wield these energies. Visualization is one way by which we consciously direct the energies. So when you visualize a golden force field of love around you, it will be there because energy follows thought. As you visualize the image of a golden force field of love, the energy rushes there to occupy it. Every time you think about this golden force field, you are sending energy there. So, each time you think about it, it gets stronger and stronger. So long as you give it your attention, it will be there - and, obviously, you build it and maintain it with every loving thought you entertain. As you build this force field of love around you, you literally raise your whole frequency. As you learn to raise your frequency, you learn to stand above the forces of the world. In other words: The world will lose its influence upon you. Instead: You will be able to radiate your love and light into the world, thereby raising the world up along with you.

To help you build this force field around you, you may enjoy our Creative Golden Egg of God Meditation. 

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