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Exercise to Transmute Psychological Buttons


If we want to get in control of our emotions and take command of our astral ship, so to speak, one thing we have to do is learn to remain unaffected by the words, actions, criticisms etc. of the people around us. Let‘s say there is this one person in your life - your mother, your father, your boss, whoever - they just need to say one thing and your buttons are pushed; you get angry, depressed, whatever the emotional reaction may be. We all have people in our lives that push our buttons.

These so-called buttons are crystallized packages of energy in our aura that circle around us like the planets orbit the sun. So long as these crystallizations remain in our aura we will have a so-called button, and whenever someone pushes that button, we will react on automatic pilot. Let‘s say, your parent says, „Buh,“ and you go attack. Your boss says, „Bah,“ and you go depressed. It all goes so quickly, before we can even think about it, we are already on automatic pilot and lash back, get angry, get depressed etc.

So what can we do? How can we learn to respond consciously instead of to react automatically when emotions seem to travel faster than light? When we are on automatic pilot, we are clearly not in charge of our instrument, we are not in charge or our life. Obviously, we have to change that or else we will never find inner peace. So what can we do?

First, we have to understand that we are dealing with energies and forces. We live in a world of energies and forces. The whole of existence is manifested energy. Currently, we are not aware of this, however, if we want to take the next step in our evolution, we have to start to think in terms of energy. When we talk, the moment we open our mouth, we release a force - and that‘s why our words can hurt or uplift - because we are dealing with energies and forces. So when we are angry and we voice our anger in loud words, what we are doing is we are taking astral energy and throw it at someone. And that‘s what we feel when someone attacks us. They are throwing substantial energy at us. That‘s why words can hurt. When we learn to control our speech, we learn to control our forces. Most of us have no control over our energies and forces. When we speak without considering the effects of our speech or when we react on automatic pilot, all that means is that we have no control over our energies and forces. So how can we gain control?

One way by which we may learn to control our energies and forces is by using our creative imagination and visualization. It is with the help of these tools that we can consciously manipulate etheric, astral and mental substance. So via our creative imagination and visualization we can break up the crystallization in our field. And once the crystallization is gone the button will be gone because a push-button is just a crystallization in our energy field. Thus, we will no longer react on automatic pilot; we will be free.

Here is what you. Make yourself comfortable, close your eyes, and in your imagination, see the button in your aura, in the form of a tangible crystallized energy and see how it orbits around you. In the center of the crystallized energy button see a tiny dot of golden light appear and see how it steadily grows larger and larger, brighter and brighter, slowly transmuting the entire crystallization into light and love. (Depending on the strength of the crystallization, you may have to repeat this exercise over a few weeks or a month until the crystallization is fully transmuted.) Next, see how your mother, your father, your boss, or whoever, is saying or doing whatever used to push the button that‘d usually make you get angry, depressed, etc. See how their words - which again are forces being released via their mouth - go to your aura, however since the button is now gone and their words can no longer stimulate it, making you react on automatic pilot, see how your aura radiates in golden light and how you remain unaffected by the words they say or the things they do. In your imagination, walk up to them, smile at them, give them a hug and say, „Thank you for showing me the crystallization in my aura. I have now resolved it. Your words no longer affect me.“ Done.

blog-greencircle.pngYou have transmuted the energy crystallization in your field, and you have given thanks to those who push your buttons, because they show you your buttons. Whenever we have a button, it is not the fault of the people who push our buttons. They are our teacher in the moment. They show us that there is some crystallization somewhere in our energy field. They deserve our gratitude, not our attack, not our anger, not our depression. They help us to grow even if we don‘t like it in the heat of the moment. So they would never be able to push a button in us if there was not something there to push, in the first place. They can‘t push a button that‘s not there. Again, think of a so-called push button as a crystallized energy in your aura. Energy needs to flow. The moment energy crystallizes, it becomes a block, a hindrance on the way. So it needs to be resolved. As long as the crystallization is there, it will magnetically attract stimulation. When people push our buttons, all they do is stimulate our buttons. However, once we break up the crystallization in our energy field, there is nothing left over to stimulate; the button will be gone, and often, the people who‘d push that specific button, too.

So we have to be grateful to everyone who pushes our buttons because they show us that there is a crystallization in our energy field. Without them helping us see it, we would remain blind to it. Once we see our buttons, we can resolve them via creative imagination and visualization. And in this way we slowly but surely learn to respond more and react less. We learn get on top of our emotions. We are one step further up on the Mountain of Awakening.

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