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Express your Creativity


As I have said many times before, our current evolutionary goal is to become Soul conscious in our brain awareness. As we strive to become Soul conscious, in our meditations, in our visualizations, in our prayers etc, we accumulate all kinds of energies. And unless we somehow express the energies we accumulate, unless we share them, we become congested and create health lessons in our mental, emotional and physical/etheric vehicles.

Our job is not just to draw high energies to us, but we also have to somehow work with the energies we collect in a creative way and then share them with the world. And to do that, here is an idea: Start up a creative project. Be it dancing, painting, singing, creating music, carving, cutting something into wood, or whatever, but find a channel through which you can express the energies, express your creativity.

Our creator created us to be creative and that’s the real deeper reason why we all have this inner urge to create and produce and express ourselves. Our physical, emotional and mental bodies were given to us, the Soul, the consciousness dwelling inside of the bodies, to be creative. In case you ever wondered why you have a physical, emotional and mental body, our bodies are instruments of service, communication and creativity. Speaking of creativity, currently, we are unconsciously using our instruments and we are unconsciously creative. The idea is to start consciously using our instruments so we may become consciously creative.

If you think about it, the arts and fine arts constitute one major vehicle or branch in this world. Music, poetry, sculpture, painting. There are museums all over the world. But why? You see, when we are creative in this way, when we create a painting, or compose a piece of music, when we dance, when we sculpture, we express what’s inside of us. It is no coincidence that humanity came up with the idea, or should I say, that humanity tuned into the idea (which is a more correct statement), to create art. There is a deeper, divine reason for it. It is a way of externalizing what’s inside of us. It is a way to express ourselves. And it’s a way to share our energies and express our creativity.


Now, to help you grow aware of your inherent creativity and also to help you express the energies you accumulate in your meditations (so you don’t get congested and manifest health lessons), here is your assignment: How about, this week, you start up a creative project. Paint something. Draw something. Sculpture something. Cut something out of wood or any other material. Or, create a beautiful dance, although I am not talking about pop, rap, or rock music. I am talking about sublime music with beautiful geometry, like classical music or something. La

st night I actually was at a sufi world concert in Salzburg, and it was so beautiful and sublime. It was geometry dancing. So this is the kind of music I am talking about. Sublime sounds.

Anyway, so the idea is to find a way, to find an outlet to express your inner essence in a beautiful and sublime way, using the medium of the arts. So, start up a project where you express your creativity somehow through the outlet of creative arts, and look at it as a Spiritual discipline where you consciously play with the energies and where you are consciously being creative. Our Creator created us to be creative. So, create something this week, using the medium of the arts. Or, even better yet, make it a focus for the next 12 months to start up new creative hobbies in the realm of the arts – painting, sculpture, music, dancing, whatever. This is actually something I have decided for myself as well, to do this summer. To play around with different mediums of artistic expression – with the conscious awareness in mind that I am expressing my God-given creativity. So use this discipline as an exercise to help you realize that in the same way that you create a piece of art, you create your own life as well. At first you have a vague idea, then as you engage the idea, it becomes clearer and takes on a form, you put your heart and Soul into it, and suddenly something beautiful appears in the physical world. Think about it!

Remember, the 21 st century shall go down in history as the Age of the Soul. To launch the Age of the Soul, we have to become Soul conscious in our brain awareness, and becoming Soul conscious involves developing the ability to become consciously creative. That’s part of our exciting destiny. And working with the medium of the arts is a great way to practice your creativity and become aware of it. Think about it. I hope I could be of service to you. Have a great day. Bye.