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How to have a great night’s sleep


Millions of people around the world have trouble sleeping well at night. So here is a very powerful exercise to help you have a wonderful night’s sleep. Before you go to bed at night, just relax for a moment and do the following exercise. Now, this is a visualization exercise. Visualization is a technique of focusing and directing our energies. Energy follows thought – literally. So when we visualize something, we “move” the energies. We can “re-move” blocks in our system – unsupportive thought forms, fears, doubts, sickness etc, crystallizations of any kind in our system - via visualization. So, visualization is not daydreaming around. Visualization is a way to direct our energies and design our lives. So here is a great exercise to do before bed at night:

Visualize a stream of brilliant electric light flooding your aura and purifying your mental body, dissolving any crystallizations (crystallizations are limiting thought forms that literally turn into prisons; that’s for example what fundamentalism is – a crystallization in the mental body that turns into a prison); so again, visualize a stream of brilliant electric light flooding your aura and purifying your mental body, dissolving any crystallizations and transmuting any fear-based, unsupportive, unworthy thought forms into loving, joyful and peaceful thoughts.


Then visualize a massive current of love flooding your aura and purifying your emotional nature, dissolving any glamours and transmuting any fear-based emotions into joyful ones.

And then, in conclusion, visualize a stream of golden violet light purifying your etheric body of any crystallizations and, with the crystallizations being removed, see how the energies in your etheric body circulate freely without hindrance.

Then, having purified your mental, emotional and etheric bodies, see, feel and visualize how the pure and high energies you now emanate form a magnetic field of love and light and joy around you – and take a moment to share all that love and light with humanity. And when you fall asleep with that magnetic field around you in place, you will naturally sleep well because you will magnetically attract beautiful energies to you. You will naturally enter into the higher spheres of love and light and joy, and awaken from your sleep being filled with love and light and joy.

When you fall asleep watching a crime movie, you will end up on the astral plane, having a nightmare because when you watch pictures of horror and murder, you are channeling fear-based energies into your aura and this will then be your self-created atmosphere in which you will have to sleep. Same with falling asleep thinking fear-based or attacking thoughts of any kind. However, when you purify your energies before going to sleep, and when you fill your consciousness with love and light and joy, focusing on Spirit and beauty and your evolutionary goal, you are channeling high energies into your aura, and you will then sleep great in your own house. Our aura is our house.

If you don’t sleep well, it means that there is something in your mental sphere, in your emotional body, in your energy field, in your aura that is unsupportive and fear-based. Clean your house before falling asleep and you will sleep well. Try it out and see for yourself.

Remember, the 21st century shall go down in history as the Age of the Soul. To launch the Age of the Soul, we have to become Soul conscious in our brain awareness, and to become Soul conscious, obviously we have to keep our house clean or else the light of the Soul cannot show itself. If you think about it, we all clean our physical homes and wash our cars, but it never occurs to us to also keep our real house clean, the inner house. Now you know what you have to do. Think about it and try it out. I hope I could be of service to you. Have a great day. Bye.