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The Healing Power of Doing Good


We all are in need of healing. The word „to heal“ literally means „to make whole.“ Currently, we are not whole within ourselves; rather, we are divided within ourselves. There is no alignment between our physical/etheric body, our emotional nature, our thinking, the indwelling Soul and the Divine Spark at the core. The Divine Spark serves Divine purpose, the Soul is focused on its evolutionary goal, but the mental body (with its three divisions Superconscious, conscious, subconscious), our emotional nature and physical/etheric instrument all do their own thing. There is a lack of co-ordination, alignment and integration within us - and this lack of unity and cleavage within us is the cause of all our problems, both psychologically, physically and socially.

One way by which we may co-ordinate, align and integrate our instruments with the fire of Spirit so as to heal the cleavages inside of us, is by doing good. When we do good, when we radiate goodness, when we think thoughts of goodness, we release the goodness that‘s inside of us and thus heal ourselves - and the world - from the inside out. Let me explain how that works.

We all have made the experience that when we help someone who is in need, it makes us feel good, isn‘t it? But why does it feel so good to help? When we help with a pure heart and with no motivation for expecting anything in return, so when we give just for the sake of giving, when we help just for the sake of helping, we become a channel through which the energy of goodness can flow. The energy of goodness flows through us and gradually washes away all the hindrances and blocks in our system that we have accumulated over time, and which manifest in our daily life as mental, emotional and physical problems.

One thing we have to learn and will learn in the Age of the Soul, is to think in terms of energy. So when we decide to be a channel for goodness, we call forth the energy of goodness from our Divine core and in this way we release it.

Just like the oak tree sleeps in the acorn, the fully grown Christ (Christ is just another for the perfect expression of divine love) is dormant within us. We awaken the Christ within us by gradually releasing its potential. And one way by which we release our Christ potential is by doing good because goodness is at the core of love. When we do good, we become a channel for the energy of goodness. Said another way, we bring the energy of goodness into our bodies, thereby raising their frequency. That‘s why Sai Baba said, „Hands that help are holier than lips that pray.“ The word „holy“ means „to make whole.“ 

Being a channel for goodness, makes us whole, because we release an aspect of the potential that‘s dormant inside of us. The oak tree sleeps in the acorn, and the fully awakened Soul and Spirit sleeps in us. Whatever we need is already inside of us. We bring it into our outer life by calling it forth and expressing it.

When we become a channel for healing others, we cannot but heal ourselves in the process as well because the energy has to flow through us. That‘s why, anytime you don‘t feel good, feel down etc., help someone without expecting anything in return. When we serve without expecting anything in return, we learn to serve selflessly. As we learn to serve selflessly, we learn to become group-conscious which is a characteristic of the awakened Soul. When we are all selfish, it means that we are identified with self and that our whole world revolves around little self. Our current evolutionary goal is to become Soul conscious which involves the development of group consciousness. So as we can see, doing good is a discipline to help us become Soul conscious in our brain awareness.

Are you ready to get started doing good? Great! Here we go:

Do good, physically: Go and help someone physically who is in need. Donate some clothes to a place that serves refugees, buy someone who is struggling financially a book about abundance, help your elderly neighbour clean their house. There are a million things we can do to meet a need on the physical level. Be sure to DO something.

Do good, emotionally: A smile, a kind word, a hug can all be very healing. Why? Because we are dealing with real, tangible forces. And as these forces flow through us, whatever we give away, grows within ourselves. That‘s why, if you need inspiration, go and inspire someone. If you want more love, go and give love to someone. If you want inner peace and comfort, go and share words of peace and comfort with someone. A Edgar Cayce said, „You only possess what you give away.“ As we give away love and peace and joy and comfort, we call forth these energies from our very core. That‘s how we activate our divinity. Everything we need is inside of us. We just need to awaken it. And we awaken it by calling it forth.

Do good, mentally: How can we do good on the mental level? By sharing our light, by sharing the light of our understanding, by educating people about how they can solve whatever situation needs healing through the power of their mind. You do good by shining light into people‘s mind by helping them understand their situation and how they can heal it. And as we light up the mind of others, we inevitably light up our own. We can do good on a mental level just by thinking about people and sending them our love, our comfort, our compassion. Energy follows thought. When someone is sad, or worried, or depressed, we can literally uplift them by sending them our thoughts of love, peace, joy and support. And as we send off thoughts of love and peace, love and peace grows within us.

Doing good is a science. It may sound like a very soft topic and not worth your serious consideration, yet it is anything but soft. You have to do it to see the power of it in your life. If we want to become awakened, we have to release the fire within us. We release the fire within us by consciously, steadily and systematically calling it forth and channeling it through us into our environment. In this way the fire is gradually being released, our vehicles are purified by the fire, and the environment is served. We begin to radiate in a new light. 

As goodness flows through our mental body, unsupportive thought forms and illusions that have kept us prisoner are cleared away; as goodness flows through our emotional nature, the thick fog of glamour that surrounds each one of is and has kept us from seeing the greater purpose and goal is dissipated; and as the goodness flows through our physical/etheric vehicle, it also burns away the blocks we have there, causing health lesson in our dense body. As a result, we will think clearer, feel better and be healthier. So as we can see, doing good helps us to heal ourselves.

However, again, our first motivation should not be to heal ourselves. Our motivation should be to do good just for the sake goodness. This is the secret to success. The moment it becomes personal, it is no longer selfless, yet selfless service is the goal.

So here is the idea: Make „doing good“ a part of your daily life. Start with a month. For 30 days, without missing a day, get up in the morning and decide to help someone who is in need, and follow through. Keep notes in your diary about this little experiment so you can see how the science of doing good will change your life.