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The Power of Self-Initiated Effort


We are on a Spiritual journey. The goal of the journey – not the ultimate goal of all times, but the next stopover along the way – is Soul consciousness in our brain awareness. 

To attain Soul consciousness in our brain awareness, we have to expand our consciousness - from individual to group awareness, from personality identification to Soul identification. 

We attain this expansion in our consciousness by taking specific initiatives. Said another way: Spiritual growth and awakening requires self-initiated effort. We have to take the initiative to expand our consciousness. It does not expand by itself to its ultimate destiny, it only expands through Soul-inspired initiative and conscious, deliberate service to the Divine.

And so, while in the beginning stages of the evolutionary process the spirit of evolution itself pushes us on to advance, their comes a point in the evolution of every incarnated Soul where the idea and need of self-initiated effort begins to dawn upon them in their brain awareness. The incarnating Soul, grasping the evolutionary goal of Soul consciousness in their brain awareness begins to consciously strive towards the evolutionary goal ahead and begins at once to initiate the experiences necessary to expand its awareness of self from, “I am body” to “I am Soul.” 

Soul-inspired initiatives expand our consciousness. That’s why in intuitive philosophy we speak of initiations. An initiation is an expansion of consciousness – and expansions of consciousness are necessary to awaken to our true identity. 

We expand our consciousness in stages. The five major ones are called:

  1. The Birth of the Christ: The personality awakens to their true identity and slowly beings to orient their life and affairs accordingly.
  2. The Baptism: The individual begins to purify their lower desire nature, transmuting it into aspiration towards the Divine.
  3. The Transfiguration or Illumination: The individual begins to think in terms of energy and becomes aware of the Greater Divine Plan.
  4. The Crucifixion: The individual crucifies the lower self and begins to dedicate their life to The One Life. They begin to subordinate their personality to the Soul.
  5. The Ascension: Ascension means mastery of the three planes of human endeavor (physical/etheric, astral/emotional, mental) and, thereby, freedom from the wheel of rebirth.

As we strive to become Soul conscious in our brain awareness, we go through initiations. The secret to passing initiations is self-initiated effort. 

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