We would like to give thanks to our wonderful team.

Andreas von Straden

Andreas began his career playing in a rock band with national success. Afterwards he applied himself to study classical music and gained a degree in voice and piano. Following this phase of his life, he worked for two years at Vienna State Opera and State Opera of Graz, at which time he also began his first sound recordings. After exploring various styles of music (such as funk, rock and pop), he decided to extend his knowledge further and studied at SAE, the Vienna-based School of Audio Engineering Institute. Today, SAE is the world’s greatest educational institution in the departments of audio, film and multimedia. After his time at SAE, Andreas’ professional career brought him to Berlin where he applied himself to a three-year-study in jazz at the University of Berlin. He has been producing his own music professionally for ten years. In 2005, he started his own recording studio in Berlin, where along with his many other projects he is also employed by the I AM University. All music used in our Total Enlightenment Store has been created by Andreas specifically for the I AM University. He is the genius behind our creative audio productions. We are very grateful for his wonderful service.

Diane Addison

Diane began her Spiritual awakening in the late 1990’s after having several amazing experiences with manifested and unmanifested Spiritual beings. This led her to search for answers and confirmation as to what life was really about. During her search for reading material on ascension, she came across a book by Dr Joshua David Stone entitled The Complete Ascension Manual. This book was not encountered by accident, as she was later to realize, as it changed her perspective on life and “death” entirely. After training in several healing modalities, becoming a Reiki Master and attending many workshops, in 2002 she became a Spiritual teacher for the I AM University, in the United Kingdom, teaching the work of Dr Joshua David Stone through classes and workshops. Part of that work involved counselling, intuitive healing, as well as creating her own ascension meditations. After being closely involved with the I AM University as an administrator and virtual personal assistant for some years, Diane became the “voice” behind the audio productions for the I AM University. She is forever grateful to Dr Joshua David Stone and to Gloria for allowing her to be of such service to humanity, and to be part of the audio productions which help many people across the world to awaken their spiritual consciousness.

Our powerful I AM University meditations and beautiful musical creations are a team effort. We would like to introduce you to our wonderful team and also take the opportunity to thank them for their wonderful service.