11:11:11 Ascension Activation Meditation




11.11.11 A Crystal Ascension Energy and Activation Meditation

Join us in this extraordinary and unique Ascension Activation Meditation, as we travel in an interdimensional merkabah of Light to the Platinum Crystal from where the Crystalline Platinum Flame is anchored. Here we will meet Lord Metatron and the Cosmic Crystalline Masters who will be activating within each of us the omnipotent codes and geometric forms, as well as activating the Cosmic Crystalline energies heralding in the new Golden Age upon Planet Earth.

The 11.11.11 Earth date was a Master time frame in the Ascension process, whereby there was a massive flood of Cosmic energies activated within the Planet as well as within Humanity! This helps to transform mass consciousness and the Ascension process enabling Humanity and Planet Earth to move more deeply towards the Fifth Dimension of reality.


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