2012: Beyond Ascension Activation Meditation




In this meditation we will be journeying to the sacred sanctuary of Metatron, the Master of Light, into the Heart of Creation!

We will also meet the Masters of old from every ancient civilization, from the Native American Indians to the Sirian and Pleadian Councils of Light.

As we go back through time we will experience all of our past life memories from our own personal Akashic Records. We will be cleared of all past life fears, karma, and negative ego beliefs, which have kept us in illusion, before experiencing an upgrade in our DNA through the crystalline light, which is now flooding the Planet.

The Universal Mind will also be joining us and communicating to us individually and as a group body, the Divine Plan for humanity and for Planet Earth as we now move into a new cycle of Earth’s evolution.

Don’t miss this powerful meditation and rebirthing which is part of your destiny and also part of Planet Earth’s destiny into Divinity.

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  1. Fabiana

    The study material of the I AM U is unbeatable. The Best!!

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