AAM13: Revelation of God Ascension Activation Meditation (REVISED)




This channeled guided meditation is a Revelation of God. It is God revealing Him/Herself to you and through you.

In this incredible ascension experience you will be integrating, merging and perfectly aligning on a permanent basis, to your highest seed potential, with the Cosmic Chakras of God. You will travel to “God’s Secret Crystal Chamber” where the Three-Fold Flame of God’s own Heart resides, and reach heights of ascension never reached before – by igniting and anchoring the Love Rod, the Light Rod and the Power Rod as well as the Cosmic Fire of God.

Allow yourself to soak in and bathe in the most holy of activations you will ever experience on Earth, from anchoring and activating the Anointed Christ Overself Body, Cosmic Tree of Life and Hidden Sephirah of Daath, to anchoring the Sacred Ember and Divine Scriptures of God.

This two-part Ascension Activation Meditation is truly a revelation. Enjoy!

Total Playing Time Part 1: 55:51 min

Total Playing Time Part 2: 60:26 min


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