AAM14: Secret Rods of God and The Higher Lightbody Ascension Activation Meditation (REVISED)




If you ever wanted to know about the Secret Rods of God and realize yourself as a living and breathing Rod and Pillar in the Everlasting Temple of God, then this is the meditation you have been waiting for.

Let the mystery unravel. It is time to claim the Secret Rods of God and become a true Rod and Pillar in the Temple of the Divine.

Anchor and activate your Higher Lightbodies – from Aka Body to Zohar Body of Light – and receive the most sacred blessings through the Divine Grace of God and the Masters of the Secret Rods on a planetary, solar, galactic, cosmic and universal level. These most sanctified gifts have never before been given forth in all of Earth’s history.

Enjoy these most generous and blessed gifts and activations in this truly powerful meditation of all meditations.

Total Playing Time: 50:26 min


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