AAM16: Higher Kabbalah Ascension Activation Meditation (ORIGINAL)


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Integrating the Higher Kabbalah – this is a Soul travel meditation for the advanced initiate!

This channeled guided meditation will take you on a journey through the Higher Kabbalah as it manifests within. You will visit the magnificent Cathedral and Temple of God at the top of Creation and commune with Spirit in the silent sanctuary of your inner consciousness.

Here you will meet with the Cosmic and Planetary Hierarchy and the hosts of inner plane beings who will join with you in this incredible ascension activation experience. You will merge with and enjoy a profound union with the I AM THAT I AM, and you will call forth some of the most profound and sublime activations ever.

Enjoy the deepest and most extraordinary activations such as the Divine Template of the Elohim, the Light Packets and Tablets of Creation, the Star Codes of Melchizedek, the Biological Codes of the Christ Race and a vast array of some of the most incredibly powerful activations you will have ever heard of.

Truly a meditation for the aspiring Ascended Master incarnate.

Original version as read by Dr Joshua David Stone live at Wesak in Mount Shasta, Califorina.

Total Playing Time: 67:25 min


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