AAM18: Gifts of the Holy Spirit, 22 Lightbodies and 33 Supersenses of God Ascension Meditation (REVISED)




In this channeled guided meditation you will receive the Revelatory Gifts of the Holy Spirit, an activation of your first 22 Lightbodies, and an opening up of your initial 33 Supersenses given to you by God.

Go for the ultimate ascension activation and prepare yourself for an experience of a rapture-like nature.

Among the many Divine activations in this unique Ascension Activation Meditation, you will receive and experience the Baptism of the Holy Spirit, an activation of the ability to understand the Mysteries of the Shekinah Kingdoms of God, of the ability to speak in Angelic Languages and Scientific tongues, of the ability to perform miracles, perform instantaneous healing and understand the gift of prophecy.

You will receive an anchoring and activation of your 22 Higher Lightbodies, such as the Logoic Body, Mayavarupa Body, Atmic Body of Light and the Galactic Son Overself Body, and many more, which will profoundly accelerate your ascension process.

You will expand and activate your consciousness with the most powerful, never before anchored on Earth, Supersenses of God including the Supersenses of Soul Travel, Knowingness, Beatitude, Clairaudience and Psychometry, and much more…

A must have meditation for the aspiring Integrated Ascended Master!

Total Playing Time: 45:08 min


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