AAM20: Revelation of John and the Bible Ascension Activation Meditation (REVISED)

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Allow the Bible to come alive in this guided channeled meditative journey, as John reveals the true esoteric meaning of the Bible within the inner cosmos of your very own consciousness.

Bathe in the inner plane River of Jordan and be baptized by John the Baptist as he calls forth the Holy Spirit to imbue you with the Spirit of God. Journey with Moses to the inner plane Promised Land leading you to the Cosmic Church of God, Christ and the Holy Spirit, and witness how your Chakras turn into Seven Golden Candlesticks, opening the Seven Seals and Seven Books of Inner Life.

Use this meditation to throw all of your lower self desires and fears into the Burning Bush of God to be consumed and released by this powerful Cosmic Fire forevermore.

Experience yourself being lifted up and transfigured as you receive the Rapture of God, and much, much more.

Total Playing Time: 59:53 min


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