AAM21: East/West Golden Global Fusion Ascension Activation Meditation (REVISED)

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Merging East and West – an Ascension Activation Meditation for the entire world! Embark on a channeled meditation and journey to unite Eastern and Western consciousness within and without …

In this guided meditation you will experience a world united through the many faces of religion. Find yourself at the Cosmic Rooftop in a Soul travel journey to the Holy Ashrams, Monasteries, Churches, Mosques and Temples of all paths of faith.

Peep into your Akashic Records and Personal Book of Life, magically find yourself in God’s Cosmic Garden of Eden in the Beginning before Time and Space, and become the Lamb of God after placing everything onto the Inner Altar of Spirit.

A beautiful Soul travel journey to the inner worlds, this Ascension Activation Meditation is one of a kind.

Total Playing Time: 1:00:10 min


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