AAM22: Christ and The Spiritual Hierarchy Ascension Activation Meditation (REVISED)




Enjoy this invocation of and merger with the Spiritual Hierarchy and Christ (in a universal sense, not Christian sense), who is the Second Aspect of the Trinity.

Experience some of the most powerful and profound activations of the Christ, such as the anchoring and activation of the Holy Letters and Holy Hidden Language of the Fiery Light of the Christ, the 72 Golden Spirals of the Trinity, the Hidden Wisdom of the Christ and the Christed Superhuman Body.

Step into the Ashram of the Christ to anchor, activate and integrate the Glorified Grand Mind of the Christ, the Sevenfold Mantle of the Christ and the Christed Supralight Body of Synthesis, and enter the Healing Room and Activation Chamber of the Cosmic Christ Itself!

Enjoy these most profound activations.

This meditation is suited for the seasoned meditator.

Total Playing Time Part 1: 47:16 min

Total Playing Time Part 2: 48:24 min


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