AAM27: God and the Divine Father Ascension Activation Meditation (REVISED)




In this guided meditation you will Soul travel to the Throne Room of the Divine Father at the 352nd level of Divinity, and energetically connect and commune with the Masculine Face of Spirit.

This beautiful Ascension Activation Meditation with the Divine Father, the Ascended Masters and Celestial Hosts will connect you with the Presence and Essence of our Heavenly Father and the bountiful gifts that await within the Throne Room at the highest level of Divinity.

Experience the Divine Father’s embrace as you are given the many sacred gifts from the Celestial Masters such as the Rainbow Band of Synthesis, the Seed of Creation itself, and the Grace of the Archangels and Masters of the Seven Rays. Your journey will include the energetic experience of the powerful energy of the Most Holy High Priest of Shamballa!

Great for beginners on the Spiritual Path.

Total Playing Time: 55:25 min


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