AAM28: God, Christ and The Holy Spirit Ascension Activation Meditation (REVISED)




In this guided Soul travel journey you will merge with the Trinity on a planetary, solar, galactic, universal and cosmic level.

This Ascension Activation Meditation takes you to the Ashram of the Christ where you will enjoy the loving energies of Lord Maitreya, Sananda and Lord Kuthumi along with the soft and powerful energies of the Holy Spirit.

You will experience the Christ Heart energy and the Wisdom of the Christed Mind as you are guided to let go of all lower self feelings, emotions and psychological patterns which no longer serve your highest good. As well you will receive the Divine blessings and activations of full Christ Consciousness and be guided to allow the Holy Spirit to undo all and any negative actions, deeds or experiences that may have lodged into your twelve-body system and in your cellular make-up. This and much, much more…

Allow the Trinity to come alive in the Holy of Holies of your inner consciousness! Enjoy the energies, relax, soak in and allow the transformation to begin.

Total Playing Time: 51:16 min


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