AAM29: Sacred Flames of God Ascension Activation Meditation (REVISED)

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This is a very beautiful meditation to fill and attune your being with the will, power, love, wisdom, intelligence, beauty, harmony, concrete knowledge, devotion, idealism, freedom, transformation, transmutation and splendor of the Seven Sacred Flames of God and with the most powerful and awe inspiring 22 Higher Sacred Flames within the Celestial Realms of Spirit.

In this guided meditation you will Soul journey in the Sacred Merkabah of Archangel Metatron as he guides you to the inner Temples of the Sacred Seven Rays, and even higher into the cosmic, celestial realms which house the Higher Rays of Color and Sound.

These Higher Sacred Flames and Rays carry the consciousness to transform our cellular structure to hold more and more of the powerful energies and qualities which these most magnificent Rays represent.

Enjoy this most profound attunement to the Sacred Flames of God.

Total Playing Time: 58:53 min


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