AAM3: God Ascension Seat Journey Ascension Activation Meditation (ORIGINAL)


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In this meditation you will Soul travel to the Ascension Seats of God which will accelerate your ascension process in the most profound way.

Starting off in the Ascension Seat of Shamballa you will be given forth the blessings of Lord Buddha and receive his Light Rod which will profoundly ignite your ascension process.

As you move on in this Soul travel journey you will encounter the Solar, Galactic, Cosmic, Universal and Multi-Universal Ascension Seats all of which will boost your ascension path even further as they mingle their energies with your own and as you revel in the rarefied and refined frequencies they hold.

This Ascension Activation Meditation contains a series of special dispensations intended not just to expand your energetic field and aura but also meant to fine tune your skill and ability to differentiate between the various qualities of energy which the various Ascension Seats hold and represent.

Original version as read by Dr Joshua David Stone live at Wesak in Mount Shasta, Califorina.

Total Running Time: 69:51 min

PLEASE NOTE: As some of the Original Ascension Activation Meditations, read by Dr Joshua David Stone himself, were recorded in the 90’s, the recording quality of some of the older meditations in this series does not match today’s technical standard. Please listen to a preview to get a feel for the sound quality. If you prefer a high quality recording, please refer to our Revised Ascension Activation Meditations. As this specific meditation has only a fair recording quality, we have included a free copy of the revised version as a gift. Enjoy.


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