AAM30: 72 Higher Lightbodies of Spirit Ascension Activation Meditation (REVISED)

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This is the most powerful, integrated and all inclusive meditation of its kind intended to Spiritually anchor and activate the 72 Higher Light Bodies.

This ascension activation will take you into a magical and majestic temple known as the Infinity Temple of Source. You will visit in your Soul Body the birthplace of ALL Creation and bask in the beauty, glory, splendor, power, love and wisdom of the most Holy Presence.

In this not to be missed experience you will receive some of the most incredibly sublime and sanctified gifts that have ever been given forth to beings on Earth. You will receive many splendorous Light Body activations which will be given forth by the Cosmic Masters, such as the Galactic Body of Melchior, the Light Body of Metatron, the Multi-Universal Body of the Mahatma, the Love Body of the Creator, the Light Body of God, moving up to the Cosmic Bodies of the Supreme Creator, and much more.

Fasten your seatbelt for you are indeed on the rocketship to God.

Total Playing Time: 67:47 min


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