AAM5: God and The Actual Wesak Ceremony Ascension Activation Meditation (REVISED)




Soul journey to the famed Wesak Valley in the Himalayas and allow this meditative voyage to guide you through the actual Wesak Ceremony on the inner planes.

Honor Lord Buddha’s birthday (Wesak is Buddha’s birthday) and ascension by taking part in this most profound and awesome Wesak event as it has been celebrated for ages in the Spirit world.

Drink from the sacred Bowl of Water, sanctified by the Divine cosmic energies of Lord Buddha, Helios, Vesta, Melchior, Melchizedek and the Silent Watchers, and soak in the massive down pouring of cosmic energy as it is sent forth by Lord Maitreya to the entire Spiritual Hierarchy and to all of us who form part of this externalizing Hierarchy on Earth, transforming us – from the inside out – into pure vessels of Divinity to carry these frequencies back into the world.

With this meditation you can host your own Wesak celebration in the comfort of your home. Om Mani Padme Hum.

Great for beginners on the Spiritual Path.

Total Playing Time: 36:20 min


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