AAM6: Divine Mother and Lady Masters Ascension Activation Meditation (REVISED)




Soul travel to the Throne of the Divine Mother and experience the Divine feminine, loving, compassionate, joyful, warm, tender, nurturing qualities of the Divine Mother and of the Lady Goddesses, such as Kuan Yin, Pallas Athena, Vesta, Lakshmi, Isis, Hera and the Blessed Virgin Mary, as well as Lady Gaia, the Archangels and Elohim of the Feminine Face of Spirit, to name but a few.

This is a very beautiful and wonderful meditation to honor the feminine aspect within you. Everyone on the Spiritual Path needs to integrate both the God and Goddess energies, regardless of whether you are in a male or female body.

This guided meditation will help you give birth to the seed of the Goddess within as you Soul travel up through the many dimensions to the Throne of the Divine Mother, the fount from which all feminine Goddesses and Deities spring forth.

Great for beginners on the Spiritual Path.

Total Playing Time: 37:36 min


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