AAM7: Isis and The Great Pyramid Ascension Activation Meditation (ORIGINAL)

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Soul Travel with Isis to the Great Pyramid, be initiated as in the Days of Old, and allow yourself to travel back to the Golden Ancient Days of Egypt.

Come into the Great Sphinx of Egypt and let the Sun God Ra, Osiris, Thoth and Isis guide you into your own ascension initiation experience. Answer their seven questions of initiation as you go through the seven levels of initiation testing, and be crowned in the Great Hall of Renunciation where you take the oath to become a fully fledged Melchizedek Integrated Ascended Master.

Includes lots of gifts from the Masters of the Spiritual Hierarchy. This is a beautiful meditation, perfect for beginners on the Spiritual Path.

Original version as read by Dr Joshua David Stone live at Wesak in Mount Shasta, Califorina.

Total Running Time: 22:49 min


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