AAM9: Cosmic Ascension Activations in the Temple of God Ascension Activation Meditation (REVISED)




In this guided meditation you will journey up through the interdimensional levels of reality to the Holy Temple of The I AM THAT I AM where you shall receive the most sublime activations and blessings of Divine Magnitude.

Meet the Seven Ray Chohans, Lord Maitreya, the Cosmic Trinity of Melchizedek, the Mahatma and Metatron, the Lord of Sirius, as well as Helios and Vesta and many other Masters, who will connect with you for these most profound ascension activations.

Allow the Ascended Masters to awaken and reactivate the Key Codes, Fire Letters and Sacred Geometries of the ancient Order of Melchizedek within you, and the Mahatma to install the Crystal of Synthesis within your cellular being. Receive the God Electron, the Universal Rod of Light and a beautiful array of personal gifts from the Celestial Hosts, and much more.

This Ascension Activation Meditation is an invitation to Soul Travel up to the Temple of God and Spiritually replenish with the energies of the Creator.

Total Playing Time: 30:03 min


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