How to Become a Master Spiritual, Psychological and Earthly Counselor for Self and Others




Whereas the traditional ways of counseling are confined to the personality level and try to facilitate healing within the “net of duality,“ this Training Manual explores and introduces Integrated Full Spectrum Prism Counseling that integrates the three levels of man’s constitution which are known as the personality, Soul and Monad. And, if that were not enough, it goes beyond psychological counseling and includes the physical/Earthly and Spiritual dimension of self.

Only if approached from such an integrated and full spectrum prism understanding, can true healing occur.

Among other things, in this 2,000-page Counseling Manual you will learn:

  • basic things a counselor in training needs to understand before a counseling session can even begin,
  • what the goal of counseling is,
  • what the educational aspects of counseling are,
  • what the tools of the trade of being a counselor are,
  • which logistical issues to take into consideration,
  • insights on “client centered therapy,”
  • how to deal with clients who are stuck in a certain traditional psychological model,
  • how to deal with clients who come from a specific religious orientation,
  • how to build a counseling practice,
  • what the seven basic types of counseling are,
  • how to work with voice dialoguing,
  • how to counselor someone who is dying,
  • how to counsel someone threatening to commit suicide,
  • what pre-questionnaire new clients should fill out before the counseling session begins,
  • how to work with dreams in the counseling process,
  • how to release fear, worry and anger in your clients,
  • how to develop unconditional self-love and self-worth,
  • how to help clients release addictions and bad habits,
  • how to resolve conflicts with your clients,
  • how to deal with indigo children, rainbow children and crystal children,
  • what the differences are between soul psychology and traditional psychology,
  • includes definitions of some of the major psychological pathologies and what they really are in psychological and Spiritual terms,
  • why it is important to become an integrated full spectrum prism counselor and psychologist,
  • insights about fragmented and limited lens psychology,
  • how to undo major mistakes of clients,
  • how to get someone to own their personal power,
  • how to use voice dialogue to empower your clients,
  • how to deal with psychic possession in your clients and how to remove astral entities,
  • insights about the issue of protection in counseling,
  • how to work with a manic-depressive client,
  • the issue of differing elevators in counseling and how to deal with it,
  • how to deal with sociopathic clients,
  • how to deal with clients who do not have proper boundaries,
  • how to deal with neurotic or obsessed clients,
  • how to release the past in your client,
  • how to release future concern and worry in your client,
  • how to overcome psychological trauma,
  • how to help clients release bonding patterns,
  • the issue of hearing versus listening in the counseling process,
  • how to deal with resistant clients,
  • how to master subconscious interference,
  • how to deal with physically handicapped clients,
  • the issue of giving homework to your clients,
  • how to properly integrate feelings and emotions,
  • how to deal with attack, criticism and betrayal,
  • how to get rid of phobias,
  • what the Official I AM University 72 Types of Counseling are,
  • and much, much more…

Once you have finished this training manual and course, you will have gained nothing less than a degree in Soul psychology. You will be better equipped to help clients than most traditional psychologists in the world.

You will know how to counsel yourself and how to coach others from a Spiritual, psychological and Earthly perspective so as to help them get right with self, master their minds, their emotions and attain Self Realization in this very lifetime.

It will be one of the best investments of your life because for a very small investment you can learn a whole new skill to be of better service to Spirit and humanity.

This training manual will be reformatted in the coming years. The content will not change, only the page layout and design. If you purchase a copy today, you can request for a free electronic upgrade once the revision is available. To take advantage of this service, please be sure to save your invoice. Thank you.

2 reviews for How to Become a Master Spiritual, Psychological and Earthly Counselor for Self and Others

  1. Anonymous

    Dear IAMU
    This seems again to be a wonderful acquisition from the total enlightenment store, with an amazing amount of high quality info we can use on our spiritual path
    So we are very pleased & excited with the tons of information we are about to discover in this manual
    Thank you again for providing this service
    Many blessings A&B

  2. Jann Ritchie (verified owner)

    I am still working through this Course, as I find myself trying to follow all the suggested studying throughout the manuals. I would love to have a revised version because on occasion Dr Stone refers to training and services offered by The I AM University which is no longer of service or available. This leads me to wondering what else is not available that Dr Stone suggests. I hope to begin my Counselling Service with the assistance of God and all the Beings of Light in the near future. Thank you for this incredible thesis <3

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