Ashram Alignment: Ray 6




Our current evolutionary goal is to grow into a Soul-conscious species. To reach our goal we have to reveal and externalize the Soul here on Earth. This process of externalizing also involves the externalization of so-called ashrams.

Think of an ashram as a magnetic field and state of consciousness that is held together at the center by a master and which is an expression of a particular ray energy. In other words, think of an ashram as a group consciousness that is held together by a common divine purpose.

On a Soul level, on the inner plane, we as Souls function within such ashrams. To help externalize the Soul and the ashrams within which we function, it is a worthy endeavor to charge our aura with the frequency of these ashrams.

In this guided meditation you will link up with the magnetic field and energy vortex of the Sixth Ray Ashram of Idealism and Devotion and charge your aura with the characteristics, qualities and frequencies of this powerful ashram and group consciousness. In this way, the divine intent inherent in the Ray energy will impress your consciousness and aura and naturally give your aura a very specific auric influence.

Think of your aura as a sphere of influence which we each create around the nucleus of our Soul. In this meditation you will deliberately charge your aura with the divine intent of the Sixth Ray Ashram and thereby anchor this energy in your sphere of influence, helping to ground and externalize it on Earth.

The more of us who deliberately link up our individual magnetic fields with the greater magnetic fields of the Seven Rays, the quicker the Divine Plan – which is worked out through the Seven Ray Departments – will manifest on Earth. In other words, to participate in this meditation means to render a valuable service to Spirit and humanity. You are helping to externalize the Seven Ray Ashrams. You are helping to make them an exoteric fact in nature. You are helping to anchor the seven major energy pillars through which the Divine Plan on Earth shall work out into manifestation.

Benefits include:

  • Training your visualization skills
  • Exercising your ability to concentrate
  • Learning to consciously wield and direct your energies
  • Strengthening your link with the Inner Plane Ashrams
  • Growing Soul awareness through deliberate identification with the Soul
  • Learning to focus your will
  • Quickening of the vibratory frequency of your aura
  • Beginning recognition of the aura as a service instrument and a second skin
  • Consciously linking up with the divine intent and service focus of the Seven Ray Ashrams
  • Stepping into service

All these benefits will not only help you to grow individually as a Soul but they will also transform you into a more fitting and capable servant for humanity.

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  1. Gillian Riordan

    I urge everyone who is serious about their Spiritual path and being part of the externalisation of the Spiritual Hierarchy and bringing Heaven to Earth and being part of this truly wonderful 7th Golden Age, to work with all of the Ashram Alignments. They are so powerful.
    My experience is that with each new gift from the I Am University, we are being blessed with all the love, help and support we could ever hope for – we are being shown how to reach what our Soul longs for. It’s all being handed to us on a plate as Joshua told us and all we have to do is receive the gifts and do the wonderful work of assimilating them and living the wisdom they teach us.
    I am deeply grateful.

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