Creative Spirit Guide Meditation




In this simple and short visualization you will connect with your own personal Spirit guide who has vowed to be with you in this incarnation. This guide is a being whom you know very well; he/she has always been around you and supporting you from the moment you incarnated onto this Earth.

Every time you listen to this visualization and meditation you will be deepening that connection on a Spiritual level.

3d-simplemeddiary.jpgThis meditation comes with a FREE meditation diary. We have created this diary to help you not just go through your meditations, but grow through them. Enjoy!

Playing Time: about 10 minutes.

1 review for Creative Spirit Guide Meditation

  1. Kerri Anne (verified owner)

    An excellent meditation that really does help build a strong connection to your spirit guides. The quality is outstanding and the format is easy to use. Well worth the small fee.

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