Creative Golden Egg of God Meditation

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In this simple and short visualization you will be building the so-called Golden Egg or Golden Bubble of Protection around you. This semi-permeable egg or bubble will be your Spiritual protection and help to safeguard you from negative energies, entities, as well as from your own negative thinking.

Every time you listen to this visualization you will be building that invisible but powerful protective bubble surrounding your entire being.

3d-simplemeddiary.jpgThis meditation comes with a FREE meditation diary. We have created this diary to help you not just go through your meditations, but grow through them. Enjoy!

Playing Time: about 10 minutes.


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1 review for Creative Golden Egg of God Meditation

  1. Nina Gavrilova

    I love all meditations from I AM University!!!They are just right for me!
    This Golden Egg is a very real experience in deep meditation.
    Thank you for this great work!
    Many Divine Blessings!

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