Creative Abundance Meditation




The universe is pure abundance.

In this simple abundance and prosperity meditation, you will learn how to empower yourself with the positive attitudes which will attract and magnetize abundance and prosperity into your life!

3d-simplemeddiary.jpgThis meditation comes with a FREE meditation diary. We have created this diary to help you not just go through your meditations, but grow through them. Enjoy!

Playing Time: about 10 minutes.

1 review for Creative Abundance Meditation

  1. Kay

    This meditation is very focussed on prosperity and abundance, it is very easy to feel the connection, like when entering the temple of prosperity, and all the protection conings that are in place, my only criticism is when we are asked to prayin front of God it feels like we have to petition or beg and I don’t feel that that is necessary, but the mediation is spot on, although I have yet to see a big enough shift I do feel much more relaxed around money.

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