EN3: Enrollment in the I AM University (Year 3) plus FREE Daily Planner (Year 3)




Enroll in the I AM University and make a conscious commitment to become an Integrated Enlightened Master. With your registration you will receive a comprehensive enrollment package.

Year 3 is comprised of 12 plus 3 Bonus Modules on the 12 Archetypes:

  • 12 PLUS 3 BONUS Module Lessons on the 12 Archetypes
  • 12 PLUS 3 BONUS Module Assignment Articles on the 12 Archetypes providing a more practical complement to the actual lessons (exercises include automatic writing, creativity training, affirmations, visualizations, prayers, invocations, dialoguing, ABC brainstorming, logging, self-assessment questionnaires, etc.)
  • 12 PLUS 3 BONUS Module Mindmaps to go along with the 12 lessons
  • 12 PLUS 3 BONUS Module Crosswords and/ or Word Search Puzzles to go along with the 12 lessons

You will also receive the following bonuses:

1 Bonus: With your enrollment, you will also receive a FREE copy of our Daily Planner (Year 3). For more information on the Daily Planner please click here.
2 Bonus: Audio: 12 Archetypes Clearing Meditation (only available with enrollment)
In addition, you are also eligible to receive a 20% discount on all products offered in our I AM University Store.
  • The coupon is automatically generated upon enrollment and can be used right away. It will show up under My Account -> My Coupons and will be waiting for you in your cart as well as checkout page. To apply it, you just need to click on it when you see it.

  • The coupon will expire after 365 days.

  • The coupon can be used in addition to most ongoing specials. It cannot be used in combination with other enrollment years though please.

  • The coupon can only be used on this website: Total Enlightenment STORE. It cannot be used on our sister site Total Enlightenment COACHING since these two websites are entirely separate sites even though they look similar.

PLEASE NOTE: You do not have to be enrolled in the I AM University to take advantage of any of our services. You can shop like a Master whether you are enrolled or not. 🙂

1 review for EN3: Enrollment in the I AM University (Year 3) plus FREE Daily Planner (Year 3)

  1. Nathan

    I think all of the information in this enrollment is invaluable to me on my spiritual path.

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