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iThink Buddha contains a selection of citations attributed to Gautama Buddha.They give us an idea of the thinking of one of the greatest pioneers in Earth‘s recent history. By meditating and contemplating on the thoughts and ideas of Buddha, we tune into the magnetic field of his consciousness and develop our own in the process.

One of our evolutionary goals as a human species is to transition from an emotional to a mental polarization in our consciousness. One way by which we attain this mental polarization – which in its turn constitutes but a step to Soul awareness in our brain consciousness – is by concentrating, meditating and contemplating on the thinking of those pioneers who have succeeded to propel all of humanity forward on the arc of evolution. As such, iThink Buddha is not just a collection of quotes, it is much more than that. It is a resource of seed thoughts to take into meditation and evolve via contemplation. And – most importantly – it is a collection of ideas to put into active practice in our daily lives. In this way, we may not only emulate the thinking of Buddha but we may in fact actualize a wealth of higher ideas that we all have to realize on our Journey to Awakening. 

So here is the idea: Use this collection of citations as a workbook. Work your way through the thinking of Buddha by spending a day with each one of the ideas presented. Pick a quote, think deeply about it and aim to put it into practice throughout the day. This simple exercise will literally transform your consciousness and life because by focusing your thinking and directing your activities you will begin to consciously channel some of the energies and forces which it is your evolutionary goal to master and control.


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