MC22: One-Year Mini Course in Spiritual Psychology and Philosophy



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Ascension for Beginners Series – Mini Course 22: One-Year Mini Course in Spiritual Psychology and Philosophy: A Potpourri of 365 Mini-Articles for Beginners on the Spiritual Path

This mini course is a potpourri of 365 short, introductory articles about Spiritual psychology and philosophy.

In this mini course you will learn:

  • how to succeed in meditation,
  • how to have certainty in this uncertain world,
  • how to transcend maya and the dweller on the threshold,
  • what karma is and why karma is not fate,
  • what the four-body system is and how to master and integrate it,
  • what integrated ascension is,
  • what the Spiritual constitution of man is,
  • how Integrated Ascended Masters think, feel and act,
  • what the higher dimensions of reality are,
  • who or what the Spiritual Hierarchy is,
  • what initiations are and how to pass levels of initiation,
  • how to develop self-love and claim your personal power,
  • how to gain conscious control of the subconscious mind,
  • what karma and reincarnation is all about,
  • what to watch out for in channels and the channeling process,
  • how to work with mantras and prayer,
  • how to move out of mass consciousness,
  • why there is no way to advance Spiritually without following a routine of Spiritual practices,
  • who the Angels, Devas, Christed ETs and Ascended Masters are,
  • how we can serve the animal kingdom,
  • how to work with dreams,
  • how to get right with self,
  • what the Seven Rays are,
  • why we have Higher Lightbodies,
  • how to work with Huna Prayers,
  • how to build light quotient,
  • how to work the laws of manifestation,
  • and much, much more…

This collection of 365 mini-articles provides a basic introduction to overall Spiritual psychology and philosophy. It serves as a good foundation for the more advanced works of the I AM University. Enjoy!


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