MC4: The 21 Tested Ascension Tools and Techniques to Accelerate your Ascension Process


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Ascension for Beginners Series – Mini Course 4: The 21 Tested Ascension Tools and Techniques to Accelerate your Ascension Process

Would you like to boost your ascension process? Then these 21 tested ascension tools and techniques are exactly what you are looking for!

They are quite advanced but at the same time they are all very simple, practical and suitable for beginners on the Spiritual path.

In this mini course you will learn about 21 tools that Integrated Ascended Masters use to:

  • build light quotient,
  • raise their overall frequency,
  • raise the Spiritual wattage running through their nervous system,
  • clear their energy system,
  • heal energetic blockages,
  • release fear,
  • protect their energy fields,
  • and much, much more…

You will learn:

  • what so-called ascension seats are,
  • why you should anchor your Higher Chakras,
  • what the MAP Healing team is and how it can help you,
  • what negative elementals and implants are and why and how you should remove them,
  • how the “Core Fear Matrix Removal Program” works,
  • what ascension walks are and why you should do them regularly,
  • seven things that you can do together with your ascension buddy,
  • and much, much more…

In short, you will learn about some very effective and simple ascension tools and techniques that are guaranteed to boost your ascension and initiation process. This mini course includes 21 practical action steps so you can try them out right on the spot.


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