Musical Soul Portrait of the I AM University

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We are very excited to offer you the incredible gift of a Musical Soul Portrait of the I AM University, composed by Paul Armitage, who has played live at many of our Wesak Celebrations.

“With 10 years of classical training and over a decade of playing piano and keyboards professionally, in 1993 Paul discovered he had the ability to open himself to allow beautiful, spontaneously composed, original music to flow through him. This experience gradually evolved into using his music as a powerful tool for healing and invocation… Though the process by which he is able to receive the music is still somewhat of a mystery, the feedback Paul has received from many of his clients about his musical interpretations, Musical Soul Portraits, is that they lead the listener to a profound inner experience – a remembrance of the deepest Truth of Who they Are… From Paul’s heart, combined with the Heart in his music, the listener is carried Home. And Home is where the Heart is.” – Excerpt from Paul’s Website

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Enjoy this 45-minute meditative journey with Paul and the I AM University.


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