OM Shanti Peace Mantra

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Peace in the world begins with peace in our hearts. To help us attune our hearts to the frequency of shanti and align our minds with the divine idea of peace, we have created this Om Shanti Peace Mantra for you. As you listen to Om Shanti and sing along, open your heart to the vibration of universal peace and allow yourself to become a vessel for the presence of divine peace in the world. Use the time to visualize inner peace in your heart and peace in the outer world, and know that you are rendering a truly profound service to the world.

We live and move and have our being in a world of energies and of forces. There is nothing but energy. Energy flows through us and works in us. As we set the intention to visualize inner peace and peace in the world, we literally change the quality of the energy in which we are immersed. We literally change the world. Come sing along and let’s co-create peace for all of humanity on Earth. Om Shanti.


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3 reviews for OM Shanti Peace Mantra

  1. A&B

    dear IAMU thank you for this very beautiful mantra

  2. Edris

    A wonderful mantra, thank you so much for this gift. It helped me to settle into a centre of stillness whilst embracing love and gratitude for all of the wonder and beauty that surrounds me each day. Tranquil and divine x

  3. Stacia Zadra

    I enjoy every bit of this meditation – more each time I listen. I do so while I pray for peace for the world. – Stacia

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