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Our current evolutionary goal is to become Soul-aware in the here and now, in our brain consciousness. Once we begin to realize that we are destined to grow Soul conscious, the logical conclusion that sooner or later dawns upon us is that to live as a Soul we have to develop the characteristics of the Soul. In colloquial language, these Soul characteristics and qualities are known as virtues. Virtues are the permanent material we use to build the so-called “Temple Not Made By Hands” – also known as the Causal Body or Soul Body.

Now, developing the characteristics and qualities of the Soul is something we have to do deliberately and systematically. And one way by which we get the process started is to do seed thought meditations on virtues.

In a seed thought meditation you withdraw your consciousness to as high a point as possible, reflect deeply upon the seed thought and steer your thoughts upward until you reach as abstract a point as you can. When you can go no higher, you hold your mind steady in the light and aligned with the brain. In this way you penetrate into the divine idea at the core of the seed thought while at the same time keeping intact the communication link with the brain.

Here is what happens when you do this on a regular basis:

  • You deliberately raise your consciousness into the higher abstract plane. By regularly raising your consciousness to the higher intuitive plane, you learn to polarize and eventually stabilize your consciousness there. To live as a Soul means to live in a physical body here on Earth but to do so with the heightened consciousness and awareness of the Soul.
  • You are building the Antahkarana. Think of the Antahkarana as a mechanism of contact, a beam of light that reaches from our brain to the higher mind. When the Antahkarana is built and intact, it will register what is going on in the higher dimensions and transmit it right to our brain. In other words: We will begin to grow aware – in the here and now, in our brain consciousness – of what is going on in the higher dimensions.
  • You are building your Causal Body. Just like we continually build and rebuild our physical body with the food we eat, or just like we continually build and rebuild our emotional and mental bodies with the feelings and emotions we experience as well as with the thoughts we entertain, so we build our Soul body with subtle energies called virtues. In other words: To develop virtues means to do higher body building. When we are ready to graduate from this Earthly school – think of the development of Soul consciousness as the ticket to freedom from the wheel of rebirth – so when we are ready to graduate and leave this world behind us, the Soul will need a suitable instrument of contact and abode in the higher dimensions. This higher body is something we have to build while incarnated here on Earth, and as mentioned above, the building blocks we use to build this higher body are higher energies called virtues. If you think about it, down the ages every great teacher spoke about the importance of living a virtuous life. Now you know why. Aiming at living a virtuous, noble life is not just philosophy; it is pure science based on working with real, tangible energies.
  • You are contacting Soul energies, draw them into your sphere and aura through your meditation and contemplation, and ground them on Earth when you later aim to make your insights a dynamic factor in your life (as is suggested in the meditation).
  • You are training your intuition.
  • You are expanding your consciousness.
  • You coordinate your mind and brain and fuse your Soul and personality. In other words: You are taking a valuable step towards Soul consciousness in the here and now/in time and space.

These are just a few of the benefits that you will incur if you choose to participate in this One-Year Seed Thought Meditation Course. This course was deliberately designed to encompass a full year as it takes sustained focus and action to raise our consciousness and develop virtues. 

This course consists of 52 meditations (one for each week throughout the year), with each meditation focusing on another Soul quality serving as a seed thought.

Each meditation is 12 minutes – short enough to integrate them into your daily life.

Total Playing Time: About 10,5 hours.

2 reviews for One-Year Meditation Course

  1. Jim Bennett

    A seed nurtured has a great harvest – with 144,000 our Blue Planet will have an exponential impact for the next blue moon….

  2. Gill Riordan

    We are receiving so much help, so many gifts and blessings to help us move up our Spiritual mountain, develop Soul Consciousness, master the lower self so that we can be of service. One gift after the other is coming forth to us from The I Am University.
    There is so much work for us to do and so much help, love and support for us. What are we waiting for.
    These seed meditations are short and easy to fit into our daily practice. They keep us focused on developing virtues and so building our Causal Body.
    Doing these meditations we deliberately raise our consciousness into the higher abstract plane and doing this regularly, will eventually stabilise our consciousness there. We are also building the Antakarana, contacting soul energies, training our intuition, expanding our consciousness, coordinating mind and brain and fusing Soul and personality.
    12 Mins daily and we are being trained in such important and essential ways so that we can serve and do our part. What a wonderful place to be.
    I highly recommend these – I can’t say enough about them.

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