Ray 7: A Planetary World Service Vision on Global Societal Restructuring and Freedom


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Since there is a personal and a planetary aspect to each of the Seven Rays, we have recorded a Personal and Global Thought Focus and Vision for each of the Seven Rays.

By dedicating each day of the week to a specific inner and outer thought, energy and overall global issue, we can take advantage of the power of group consciousness and coordinate the consciousness of all Consciousness Workers around the world in an organized, disciplined and powerful way. Join the vision today and become part of the Planetary World Service Team.

Ray Inwardly Outwardly
Ray 1 Monday is Willpower Day. Monday is Politics Day.
Ray 2 Tuesday is Love Day. Tuesday is Education Day.
Ray 3 Wednesday is Intelligence Day. Wednesday is Business Day.
Ray 4 Thursday is Beauty Day. Thursday is Culture Day.
Ray 5 Friday is Knowledge Day. Friday is Science Day.
Ray 6 Saturday is Idealism Day. Saturday is Philosophy Day.
Ray 7 Sunday is Liberty Day. Sunday is Nature Day.

Sunday Meditation: A Planetary World Service Vision on Global Societal Restructuring, Nature, Transformation and Freedom


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