Second Ray Affirmations and Declarations (Binaural Beats Technology)




The goal of man is to step out of our humanity and into our Divinity. The root of every problem in the world lies in man’s affirmation of negation, that is: in the inverted use of the creative power of thought, in this way giving substance to that which as a principle has no existence.

Good = using the creative power of thought towards ever greater expansion. Evil = using the creative power of thought towards ever greater contraction. This is why there is a higher and lower expression of each of the Seven Rays and why we need to transcend the lower and affirm the higher if we wish to consciously step into our Divinity.

The Seven Rays complete our ideal for the perfect development of our consciousness. Affirmations help us to reach our evolutionary goal by formulating it: this is how we make universal principles personal. Once our evolutionary goal is clearly formulated, we can go about embodying it. To make affirmations work, we have to (1) step into the divine idea of the affirmation by contemplating and appropriating it, (2) clothe it into mental substance, (3) make it magnetic by charging it with emotional force, and then (4) ground it on Earth via a planned service activity. The science of affirmation is all about the conscious thinking I assuming an affirmative position: affirmative in the sense of the Soul becoming the positive (active, impressing) polarity in relationship to the negatively polarized (passive, being impressed upon) substance of the bodies.

Our Seven Ray Affirmations and Declarations have been formulated with exactly this goal in mind.

This set of audio files help you to develop the characteristics and qualities of the Second Ray of Love and Wisdom.

If you want more love and wisdom in your life, more compassion and faith, then these affirmations are for you! These powerful affirmations will help you to affirm the qualities of loyalty, generosity, calmness, peace, endurance, radiance, and much more. They will help you to emulate the Second Ray of God so you can become more Godlike in the way you express yourself and live your daily life.

This audio download contains four tracks:

num1.png  Spoken declarations with beautifully soothing meditative music.

num2.png  Whispered declarations embedded in a beautiful musical composition with binaural beats. Binaural Beats are specially generated sound frequencies that can be used to alter brainwaves for the purpose of creating an energetic aura and perfect space for relaxation, creativity and Spiritual attunement. When the brain activity is negatively polarized (passive), it can be effortlessly impressed with the divine intent behind the affirmations, by this way deeply anchoring the message into the brain and nervous system. Please use stereo headphones for maximal results with binaural beats.

num3.png  Subliminal declarations embedded in angelic choirs and space melodies, enhanced with binaural beats to quiet brainwave activity. A “subliminal message” is a message that is sent below the threshold of conscious awareness – the message is not perceived by the rational, decision-making conscious mind, yet is picked up by the receptive, easily-influenced subconscious mind.

num4.png  Spoken declarations with a very gentle, focused, melody-free sound in the background.

Total Playing Time: 62 minutes.


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