Set Special: Save 20% on Training Course 7, Mindmaps 7, Study Guide 7 and Crossword Puzzles 7

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Would you like to study the I AM University’s Training Courses along with all the complementary programs available? Then you will love our Set Specials.

This Set Special consists of:

1Ascended Master Training Course 7

2Mindmaps for Training Course 7

3Study Guide and Crosswords for Training Course 7

4BONUS: FREE copy of Integrated Ascension Illustration Models

This is a powerful package that will help you to integrate and apply all that you learn in Training Course 7: How to Develop and Refine your Consciousness and Transcend the Negative Ego/ Fear-based/ Separative/ Dualistic/ Illusionary/ Selfish/ Lower-Self Mind and Emotions by Dr Joshua David Stone.

The eBook called Integrated Ascension Illustration Models is a special edition which is only available as part of this Training Course Package. It contains a selection of 100 models on integrated ascension to illustrate some of the many Spiritual and psychological concepts connected with the Spiritual path.


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