Study Guide and Crosswords for Ascended Master Training Course 2



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Are you looking for a more practical and experimental way to help you apply and integrate the teachings of the Ascended Master Training Courses? Then you will love our Study Guides!

This 500-page Self-Reflective Study Guide complements Training Course 2.

It contains the following exercises:

  • right-brain channeling and automatic writing exercises to open up your intuitive abilities,
  • creativity trainings to develop your creative faculties,
  • affirmations to build constructive thought forms,
  • visualizations to activate your right brain,
  • ABC brainstorming exercises to expand your mind,
  • huna prayers to enhance your manifestation skills,
  • invocations to help you connect with the Divine,
  • voice and journal dialoguing exercises to communicate with the various aspects of yourself,
  • logging practices to score your Spiritual growth,
  • comprehensive self-assessment questionnaires to assess yourself and solidify what you have learned,
  • and much, much more…

This Study Guide contains a wealth of exercises to help you apply all that you read and learn in Training Course 2: How to Develop and Construct your Integrated Lightbody and Anchor and Activate your 22 Levels of Lightbody by Dr Joshua David Stone.

For each lesson in the Training Course there is a chapter in the Study Guide. So you are getting a very comprehensive workbook rich with practical exercises to ensure powerful results.

Reading alone won’t make you a Master. You will have to apply what you learn in the Ascended Master Training Courses. And this Study Guide will help you to do just that.

BONUS: Crosswords and Word Search Puzzles: If you are looking for a more fun way to integrate the teachings of the Ascended Master Training Courses, then you will love our Crossword Puzzles! For each lesson in Training Course 2 there is a crossword or word search puzzle in this manual. The questions are mostly phrases from the actual lessons of the Course. So this is a fun way to help you integrate the contents of our Training Courses. Have fun.


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