Soul Power Meditation: Humility

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We have come here to Earth with the goal in mind to evolve. The evolutionary goal of our time is to grow into a Soul-conscious species. In other words: we have reached a point in our evolution where each one of us is called to actively reveal and manifest the Soul in our thinking, feeling and acting life.

Now, in order to reveal the Soul and thus reach our evolutionary goal, obviously we need to begin to manifest the qualities of the Soul. In colloquial language we call these Soul qualities virtues. A virtue, by definition, is a higher Soul energy that carries a specific quality. 

We have advanced to a point in our evolution where we are called to realize that we live in a world of energies and that part of our job is learning to consciously wield these energies: to deliberately contact them, assimilate them and use them in service to meet a need. 

If you think about it, as we live our lives, on some days we need the energy of courage. On others, we might need the energy of joy, of progressiveness or peace. Contrary to popular opinion, a virtue is not an empty name on a piece of paper. Virtues, by definition, are tangible energies – and these energies literally enable us to meet the needs of daily life in a practical and concrete way.

As such, virtues are Soul powers.

The so-called Science of Virtue Development is the science of learning to consciously wield these Soul powers for an evolutionary purpose. 

This Scientific Soul Power Meditation was created with this very goal in mind:

  • In the first part of the meditation we will draw the respective Soul energy (virtue) into our aura by employing the disciplines of aspiration, meditation and contemplation.
  • After having accumulated the energy in our aura, in the second part we will then consider how to actively express the energy in service of Spirit and humanity. We will think application and demonstration, thereby learning to direct our energies and putting them to use.

As you can see, in this meditation we are consciously wielding the energies of the Soul. As such, this meditation is a training session that enables us to advance on the ladder of evolution.

Among other things, in this Spiritually advanced and psychologically educational meditation you will:

  • call in a new Soul energy and a new vibratory rhythm with the goal in mind for the Soul to become the positive controlling factor and the Soul forces to supersede those of the bodies,
  • build a thought form of yourself as an awakened Soul and lovingly impose the higher vibrations on the lower ones, thereby subordinating the forces of the lower self,
  • unfold an aspect of your divine potential by taking the seed of a potential, latent within you (the Soul) and making it bloom,
  • charge your emotional nature (heart) and mental nature (mind) with the energies of the Soul,
  • take stock of the status quo and recognize any deficiencies in your bodies that might need correction,
  • employ the technique of asking questions to raise your consciousness from the concrete to the abstract plane,
  • train your intuition with the goal in mind to grasp the inner meaning and significance of the various Soul energies,
  • learn to think application and demonstration (build concrete thought forms),
  • train your visualization skills and learn that via the discipline of visualization you tune your bodies for the reception of the various Soul energies,
  • learn that virtues transmute the substance of your bodies (sublimate your physical, emotional and mental natures) which is a necessary step to facilitate the manifestation of the Soul,
  • draw higher Soul energies into your bodies, thereby speeding up the rotation of your etheric, astral and mental atoms (making them rhythmic in motion) and making the cells and atoms of your vehicles hold and radiate more light and thus evolve,
  • replace coarse elements with subtle elements, thereby rebuilding your bodies with the highest, finest, subtlest elements available,
  • learn that as the vibratory rate of the atoms forming your bodies shifts, the form shifts (transmutation causes transformation: thus, gradually, the personality is transformed and becomes Soul-infused),
  • gain the insight that as you draw higher Soul energies into your aura (via meditation and contemplation), you will magnetically attract situations to you that call forth the usage of the virtue,
  • realize that virtues are evolutionary energies helping you to evolve,
  • learn that when the evolutionary energies of the Soul meet with the involutionary forces of the lower self, the involutionary forces of the lower self will naturally try to fight the evolutionary energy in order assert their hold on the personality, and that this why so-called obstacles are often a sign that we are evolving,
  • rejoice at any obstacles that might show up as a consequence of bringing a new higher vibratory rhythm into your energy system,
  • make a decision to actualize the virtue you are working on, in this way directing your energies towards a goal that shall act as a magnet to keep you on track,
  • visualize all of humanity expressing the virtue as well, in this way releasing your enlightened insights and heightened vibration into the etheric network of humanity (rendering a real service to humanity in this way),
  • learn that by linking the abstract (meditation) with the concrete (application) you will build your Antahkarana,
  • learn that virtues are the Names of God and that by unfolding and developing virtues, you become more God-like in the way you express ourself.

In short, this Spiritually advanced and psychologically educational meditation enables you to begin to live as a Soul in a vibrationally real and tangible way.

As said, our current evolutionary goal is to advance into Soul-conscious men and women, however, obviously, we cannot reveal the Soul without manifesting the qualities of the Soul. For that very reason, virtue development is an essential discipline on the Spiritual path that we cannot evade. Sooner or later we all need to transform ourselves into men and women of high virtue.

This scientific meditation was created for those of you who can see the need for virtue development and who are ready to start the work.

This beautifully crafted 30-minute meditation focuses on the Soul energy and virtue of HUMILITY.


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