Soul Rhythm and Meditative Dance Journey: Focus




The Soul controls its instrument – mental, emotional and physical body – through the imposition of a regular rhythm.

No one on Earth can evade rhythm. The rising and setting of the sun, the phases of the moon, the Earth’s rotation around its own axis, the cyclic passing of the years, the seasons, national standardizations, 9-5 jobs, our heart beat, our cadenced breathing, etc. all impose a rhythm upon humanity whether we realize it or not. In intuitive philosophy we call this the Law of Periodicity.

Rhythm is an expression of the Seventh Ray of Ceremony, or Law and Order. Rhythm brings law and order into our lives, and since humanity as a whole now stands under the growing, potent influence of the Seventh Ray (each astrological age has a major Ray influence to help humanity evolve in a certain way; the main Ray influence of the Aquarian Age being that of the Seventh Ray), the power and significance of rhythm will continue to grow more and more prominent as the incoming Seventh Ray is slowly but surely imposing order and a new rhythm upon our lives.

“Rhythm might be expressed as that cadenced movement which automatically sways those who employ it into line with certain forces of nature. In the true use of rhythmic movement the effect is to align the three lower vehicles with the causal (Soul) vehicle, and this lining up – when coupled with intense aspiration and ardent desire – results in a downflow of force from above.” – Djwhal Khul

Said another way: If we approach rhythmic movement (i.e.: dance, daily physical plane living, habits) with the consciousness of bringing rhythm into our lives and aligning with the forces of nature, we allow our Soul to impose its rhythm upon our personality.

We do the same when we decide to discipline ourselves to get up at a certain hour each morning, to meditate at a certain hour each day, or to engage in routines of any kind. Any kind of outer-imposed or self-imposed discipline (as well as any rhythmic discipline imposed upon the personality by the overlighting Soul) is a form of rhythm that sets in motion energies and forces that we can use for our expansion of consciousness, Spiritual growth and awakening. So, conscious daily rhythmic living should definitely be a part of our everyday life.

Now, to help create awareness for the power of rhythm and rhythmic living, for the presence of Seventh Ray energy in our lives and also for the Soul’s goal to impose its rhythm upon our personality, we have designed a creative Soul Rhythm series that combines the rhythm of sound with the meditation on Soul characteristics.

In this series, based on a one-minute cycle and rhythm, every sixty seconds a Soul characteristic is sounded forth.

Our current evolutionary goal as a human species is to establish Soul consciousness in our brain awareness. One way in which we accomplish that is through contemplating the various characteristics of the Soul, clothing their underlying divine ideas into mental substance, making them magnetic by charging them with emotional force, and then grounding them on Earth via a planned service activity. This serves to swing our various bodies into a rhythm that facilitates the downflow of healing force from the Soul.

So here is the idea: As you listen to these Soul Rhythm and Meditative Dance Journeys, contemplate the featured Soul characteristic and think of ways in which you can ground it in your daily life, using rhythmic dance (if you feel inspired to) as a medium to anchor the Soul energy in your mental body, emotional nature and physical reality – thereby taking advantage of the rhythmic impact of Soul light and imposing a new rhythm upon the cells of the brain.

The rhythmic beats inherent in music are an expression of the Seventh Ray energy of law and order. So as you listen to these beautiful creations of art, why not dance along with the conscious intent to impose Soul rhythm upon your personality. Use the ten-minute playing time to contemplate the idea of Soul rhythm and what that actually means, and how you can impose it upon your personality and why you should strive to do so. And think of ways how you can ground these Soul characteristics by rhythmically (repeatedly) engaging in planned service activities. So ideally you stick with each Soul characteristic for at least 7 days, making a conscious effort to embody it in your daily life for a period – or rhythm – of at least 7 days until it becomes a habit. (Repeated physical action, also called habit, is simply rhythmic movement.)

The featured Soul characteristic of this Soul Rhythm and Meditative Dance Journey is: FOCUS

This audio creation is not just dedicated to creating awareness for Soul rhythm and Seventh Ray rhythm, it is at the same time a meditative journey through the many dimensions of rhythm combing a variety of music styles.


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