TC1: How to Become an Enlightened Being, an Integrated Master and Achieve your 22 Levels of Initiation

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Are you tired of being a “disaster” instead of a Master?

Then take a moment, close your eyes and imagine what your life would be like:

  • if you were able to maintain your inner peace and happiness even in the toughest of situations, 
  • if you were able to meet the greatest of life’s challenges with a spirit of serenity and sovereignty, and 
  • if you were actually able to perpetually stay in your self-mastery and never be victimized by anyone or anything ever again.

It would give you the ultimate skill and advantage in life. Why? Because you would know what it takes to be the captain of your own ship. What it takes to be the master of your own destiny.

As God would have it be, the destiny of every human being in this world is to become an Enlightened Being. The destiny of humanity is to grow into an Enlightened Community and to bring the spirit of enlightenment into all areas of Earth life.

Now, this training course will show you what exactly the mind and heart of an Enlightened Master look like and how you yourself may attain that lofty state of consciousness.

The first part of this Ascended Master Training Course focuses on the 300 initiations of consciousness that every initiate has to pass to advance on the Spiritual path.

The second part discusses in 125 lessons various topics as they relate to your achieving enlightenment, Integrated Spiritual Mastery and the 22 levels of initiation and Lightbody.

To be more precise, among other things, in this 750-page Ascended Master Training Course you will learn:

  • what false gods are and why you have to place them on the altar of God,
  • how to develop an efficient perception of reality,
  • why you don’t have to be perfect to achieve enlightenment, however, what the one thing is you will absolutely need to succeed,
  • how and why a person can not only gain in initiations and Lightbodies but can also lose them,
  • what the secret is to developing a crystal clear diamond aura and energy field,
  • how to fully raise your Kundalini in a safe way,
  • why it is so incredibly important to seal the energies after doing any type of Spiritual work,
  • why it is so important to be on fire for God,
  • how the law of karma works in your own consciousness and mind,
  • why life is in truth a projection screen and mirror, and how this works,
  • why people are achieving their ascension but still have so many challenges and problems in life,
  • why you have incarnated on Earth and what your mission and purpose in life is,
  • why and how your life and Spiritual path will become easier when you become an Enlightened Being,
  • what it really is that determines your Spiritual evolution – and it is not channeling, clairvoyance or being famous,
  • why it is so incredibly important to not misuse your time and energy if your goal is Self Realization and why you have to make an existential decision about it,
  • how to properly ground your energies on a daily basis,
  • what the 233 Spiritual practices are to realize your Divinity,
  • what the 300 Advanced Enlightened Master Abilities are on a Spiritual, psychological and physical/Earthly level,
  • and much, much more…

This and much, much more you will learn in this revolutionary Ascended Master Training Course. It is a crash course in Spiritual psychology and integrated ascension philosophy. It is for those who are truly serious about their Spiritual path and who are ready to dedicate their life to the evolution of personal and global consciousness.

So the only question left to ask yourself now is: are YOU ready to step into your integrated mastery and become part of this global evolution and revolution of consciousness and Spiritual Renaissance? Do YOU want to be one of those rare jewels in this world who realize that ultimately life is about realizing your Divinity and assisting humanity to grow into an Enlightened Community?

If your answer is a resounding YES, then sign up for this life-changing course.

It will be one of the best investments of your life because:

  1. It will save you lifetimes of trying to figure it out all by yourself.
  2. It will give you the tools and instruments you need to become an Integrated Enlightened Being in this lifetime. 
  3. And ultimately, it will help you break free from the wheel of rebirth which is the evolutionary goal of every human being in this world, whether they realize it or not. 

This inspiring course was written by Dr Joshua David Stone who was a sought-after Transpersonal Psychologist and author of the widely acclaimed Easy to Read Encyclopedia of the Spiritual Path.

It is guaranteed to change your life forever. Why? Because a change in mind is always fundamental. And this is exactly what this course will do for you. It will inspire a change of mind in you and teach you what the mind of an Integrated Enlightened Being looks like.

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  1. Nathan

    A huge amount of information.I personally think that this training course is incredibly helpful.

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