TC4: The Kuan Yin Ascension Quantum Leap for the New Millennium

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Do you ever feel stuck in life? Stuck with health lessons? Stuck with financial difficulties? Stuck in bad habits and addictions?

Then what you need is nothing short of a quantum leap that is guaranteed to:

  • drastically improve your health,
  • radically enhance your energy levels, and
  • vitally enrich your life!

Let’s face it: Life is way too short and precious to waste it on mediocrity, self-pity, victim consciousness and depression. This is not what you have incarnated for. You have come to this world to master yourself, to raise yourself out of mass consciousness, to leave a legacy for the generations to come, and to break free from the wheel of rebirth.

And in order to make that quantum leap into the next dimension of reality, you have to think like a Master, feel like a Master, talk like a Master and act like a Master. And this is exactly what this course will teach you how to do.

The first part of this Kuan Yin Ascended Master Training Course illustrates how the Buddhist teachings beautifully fit into and dovetail with today’s New Age Integrated Ascension Teachings.

And in the second part Kuan Yin shares her master principles for achieving radiant health from the perspective of the Soul. 

To be more precise, among other things, in this 750-page Ascended Master Training Course you will learn:

  • how to heal the physical body through the power of the mind,
  • how to heal the physical body through the power of your Spirituality,
  • what the 250 golden keys are to creating perfect radiant health,
  • how to overcome Spiritual, mental, emotional and physical fatigue,
  • how to develop an extremely high-functioning physical, psychological and Spiritual immune system and why you need all three,
  • how to clear negative implants, elementals and astral entities,
  • what the psychological causation of all disease is,
  • some insights about traditional and non-traditional modalities,
  • how to use color and sound in Spiritual healing,
  • how to overcome Spiritual weariness,
  • how to turn lemons into lemonade,
  • how to clear specific diseases from the perspective of the Masters,
  • eighteen great cosmic clearings and cleansings you can use to purify your energy field,
  • how to physically ground your Spirituality,
  • how to develop an integrated Christed living space,
  • how to deal with cancer,
  • what the Enlightened Masters’ perspective is on the issue of living on light,
  • what stress is and how to undo it,
  • how to make your health lessons work for you instead of against you,
  • and much, much more …

Can you not see how knowing all these things listed above and putting them into practice cannot but lead to a quantum leap in your consciousness and life? Don’t you think you owe it to yourself to give yourself the gift of Spiritual, psychological and physical/Earthly health, wealth and abundance?

As you go and grow through the 100 lessons contained in this course you will not only be:

  • inspired and lifted up,
  • inwardly touched and motivated to work on yourself,
  • but you will also have a treasure chest of practical ideas, tools and techniques to apply to your own life to see immediate results.

What makes this Ascended Master Training Course so special?

  • It was written by the great, late Dr Joshua David Stone, the Founding President of the I AM University, in his usually empowering and enthusiastic style.
  • It looks at the subject of health lessons from the unique perspective of the Soul.


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  1. Nathan

    This training course is brilliant.I love it,there is heaps of information.I find it to be a great help.

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