TC5: Sananda/Jesus, the Holy Spirit and the Universal Mind on the Life and Teachings of Jesus the Christ (Book of Life)

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Did you know that ever since you took your first incarnation on Earth you have been incarnating over and over again, to mostly unconsciously but consistently work towards one goal and one goal only? And that this one goal you have been working towards all of your lives was to break free from the wheel of rebirth by becoming a Living Christ (embodiment of Divine Love)?

And did you know that the Bible actually tells the story of how the fallen Adam (a past life of Jesus) became the resurrected Christ?

And that by systematically working through the past life story of Jesus, the Christ, we can emulate what he did to undo the so-called “fall of man” and thus undo our own “fall” and become a Living Christ or Buddha in our own right?

And that so from a bigger lens the Bible does not only tell the past life “woe-to-win” story of Jesus but of the entire human race? And that this is why he said that he is the Way and the Truth and the Life? And that no one comes to the Father except through him? That nobody breaks free from the wheel of rebirth (“enters the Kingdom of Heaven”) unless they become a Living Christ, Buddha or Ascended Master in their own right?

  • Would you like to know what Jesus did to become the Christ?
  • And what precisely YOU have to do to step into the footsteps of Jesus to become a Modern-Day-Christ?
  • So you become the Way, the Truth and the Life yourself?
  • Can you think of anything more honorable and more inspiring than following in the footsteps of one of the greatest Masters and Role Models that ever walked the Earth?
  • And do you actually realize that unless you decide to break free from the wheel of rebirth by becoming a living Christ, Buddha, Ascended Master (or whatever term you prefer), you will have to continue to incarnate over and over again?
  • Would you not rather make this inevitable decision NOW instead of postponing it for another incarnation?

This Ascended Master Training Course helps you to make this existential decision for Spirit, and it shows you in no uncertain terms what exactly you have to do and what precisely you need to STOP doing to achieve the evolutionary goal that you have been working towards ever since you first incarnated on Earth: freedom from rebirth by becoming a living Christ.

The lessons contained in this course cover topics such as Sananda’s Bible imageries, the incredible past lives story of Sananda/Jesus, how the Biblical story and every character in the Bible represents a part of ourselves that needs to be transcended or integrated, and how Sananda’s journey from Adam to Christ reflects our very own reincarnation journey culminating in the realization of the Christ Principle on Earth.

More precisely, among other things, in this 800-page Ascended Master Training Course you will learn:

  • how the Ascended Masters interpret some of Jesus’ most beautiful parables and imageries,
  • which past lives lead Jesus to become the Christ,
  • how to establish an integrated relationship to Spirit on all levels of your being,
  • what exactly it is that leads to the Christ within,
  • why without the cross there is no crown,
  • why the resurrection and the fall is in truth happening every moment of your life,
  • what the difference is between God’s Will versus negative ego will, preference, free choice and fate,
  • why it is so incredibly important to find your refuge in Spirit,
  • how to keep your Spiritual edge,
  • how to become a Master of Masters,
  • why the power of the mind is so often underestimated,
  • why mind creates both bondage and liberation,
  • how to develop a compelling holy healing presence,
  • why you should not go to Heaven, but grow to Heaven,
  • why it is not time that heals but the mind,
  • a key fundamental question you need to ask yourself to determine who truly comes first in your life,
  • what Jesus meant when he said that we have to become like children to enter the Kingdom of Heaven,
  • a specifically designed program for Lightworkers to master their consciousness and Spiritual psychology,
  • why the purpose of life is not to channel the Ascended Masters and what you should strive for instead,
  • and much, much more…

Furthermore, this Ascended Master Training Course contains around 160 initiations of consciousness, discusses the most fascinating questions and answers on the life and teachings of Jesus the Christ, and closes with an easy-to-understand interpretation of the first 40 lessons of A Course in Miracles from the perspective of how to integrate the heavenly ideal with the path of the evolving Soul.

Don’t postpone the inevitable. It is God’s Will for you to become a living Christ, Buddha and Integrated Ascended Master. So make a commitment today and enroll in this inspiring course. It will teach you everything you need to know to pass your initiations of consciousness, step into the footsteps of Jesus the Christ, and attain freedom from the wheel of rebirth.

  • This Ascended Master Training Course was written by Dr Joshua David Stone who dedicated his life to developing Christ Consciousness.
  • It is very comprehensive and practical in nature.
  • It is the product of a lifetime of meditation, prayer, Spiritual practices and diligent self-inquiry.

Give this gift to yourself if it speaks to you. Enroll now and join the growing number of people in this world who are determined to pioneer as the next wave of Christs and Buddhas on this Earth.


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