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Set Special: 25% off all 21 Original Ascension Activation Meditations PLUS 8 Bonus Meditations

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Product Description

These Ascension Activation Meditations do exactly what the name suggests: they literally activate your ascension process. They activate your higher Spiritual senses, your higher Chakras, your higher Lightbodies, your Higher Self and Monad, your higher everything.

We are all Divine! However, ever since the so-called “Fall of Man” (a phrase commonly used to describe man's collective decision to deny our Divinity), we all have literally been denying God, our Creator (Spirit, Source, Universe - please pick a language that works for you). And along with the decision to deny God, our Creator, we also chose to deny our own God Self. And along with the decision to deny our own God Self we chose to deny our higher Lightbodies, our higher Chakras, our higher senses, our Higher Self and Monad, our higher everything! And this is exactly why these Ascension Activation Meditations are in truth indispensable for anyone who sincerely works on their integrated ascension. Why? Because these Ascension Activation Meditations help us to reintegrate all these aspects of our higher Spiritual constitution that we have been denying ever since the “fall.” They are all part of our Divine Self, of our true identity.

To become an Integrated Ascended Master means to reintegrate all these higher aspects of self which we have been denying every since we collectively fell unconscious of the truth that we are extensions of Divinity! 

This special set package contains all 21 of the Original Ascension Activation Meditations as read by Dr Joshua David Stone live at Wesak in Mount Shasta, California: 

AAM1: Ultimate Ascension Activation Meditation and Core Love Meditation

AAM2: Integrated Full Spectrum Prism Cosmic Clearing Meditation

AAM3: God Ascension Seat Journey Ascension Activation Meditation

AAM4: Ultimate Cosmic Ray Ascension Activation Meditation

AAM5: God and The Actual Wesak Ceremony Ascension Activation Meditation

AAM6: Divine Mother and Lady Masters Ascension Activation Meditation

AAM7: Isis and The Great Pyramid Ascension Activation Meditation

AAM8: God and The Mahatma Ascension  Activation Meditation

AAM9: Temple of God Ascension Activation Meditation

AAM10: Complete Ascension Manual Ascension Activation Meditation

AAM11: God and The Metatron Cosmic Tree of Life Ascension Activation Meditation

AAM12: God and The Golden Chamber of Melchizedek Ascension Activation Meditation

AAM13: God and The Revelation of God Ascension Activation Meditation

AAM14: Secret Rods of God and The Higher Lightbody Ascension Activation Meditation

AAM15: Divine Names and Attributes of God Ascension Activation Meditation

AAM16: God and The Higher Kaballah Ascension Activation Meditation

AAM17: Cathedral of God Ascension Activation Meditation

AAM18: Gifts of the Holy Spirit, 22 Lightbodies and 33 Supersenses of God Ascension Activation Meditation

AAM19: Mother Earth and The People of the Earth World Service Cleansing and Ascension Activation Meditation

AAM20: Revelation of John and the Bible Ascension Activation Meditation

AAM21: East/West Golden Global Fusion Ascension Activation Meditation

PLEASE NOTE: As some of the Original Ascension Activation Meditations in this set, read by Dr Joshua David Stone himself, were recorded in the 90’s, the recording quality of some of the older meditations in this series does not match today’s technical standard. Please listen to a preview to get a feel for the sound quality. If you prefer a high quality recording, please refer to our Revised Ascension Activation Meditations. As eight of the 21 meditation have only a fair recording quality, we have included a free copy of the eight revised versions as a gift. So, in actuality, this set consists of 29 meditations. Enjoy.


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