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Seventh Ray Affirmations and Declarations (Binaural Beats Technology)

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Product Description

We did not create ourselves. Source, Spirit, the Universe – whatever language you prefer – created us by sharing Itself with us. So we are literally an extension of our Creator and therefore totally like our Creator.

Our Creator is a Trinity. The truth of our Creator being a Trinity having been impressed from Source upon our minds, we intuitively understand and therefore attribute three so-called Principles (Latin “primus” = “first, origin”) to Source - the Three Principles being Divine Will, Divine Love and Divine Intelligence. 

Our Creator - being omnipotent, omniscient and omnipresent - is the ultimate expression of these Three Principles.

In intuitive philosophy, we refer to these Three Principles as the Three Rays of Aspect. Think of the Three Rays of Aspect as the three main aspects or characteristics of Source.

Now, there are four additional rays, four minor tones of the Three Major Rays, so to speak – minor tones in the sense of them being derived from the Three Major Rays and therefore being differentiated expressions of the Three Rays of Aspect. These Rays are known as Rays 4, 5, 6 and 7.  

These minor Rays are known as the Rays of Attribute. The word “attribute” comes from the Latin “ad” meaning “to” and “tribuere” meaning to "assign or add” – in the sense of contributing or adding something. The four minor Rays of Attribute, being attributes of the Three Major Rays, contribute to the richness of experience and life.

RayImpressed with Divine Intent of 
Ray 1 Power, Will and Purpose Ray of Aspect
Ray 2 Love and Understanding Ray of Aspect
Ray 3 Active Intelligence Ray of Aspect
Ray 4 Harmony through Conflict Ray of Attribute
Ray 5 Concrete Knowledge and Science Ray of Attribute
Ray 6 Devotion and Idealism Ray of Attribute
Ray 7 Magic, Divine Law and Order Ray of Attribute


In intuitive philosophy, these seven primary differentiations of energy are called the Seven Rays. The Seven Rays are seven types of energy that have been IMPRESSED by Source with seven different intentions – so every Ray communicates a specific Divine Intent. Our job – as evolving consciousness – is to appropriate (meaning: to make our own) these energies and then to EXPRESS their Divine intent in our thinking, feeling and acting life.

Not only is our very Soul expression colored by one of these Ray energies, but the very substance constituting the bodies or service instrument of our Soul - meaning: the substance of our mental, emotional and physical/etheric bodies - which by the way is the reason why we all have a so-called Ray Configuration - as well as the various dimensions we live in are made up of these divinely impressed energies; so everyone in the world is working with and being influenced by these Ray energies whether they realize it or not. As long as we are unaware of them, we are victimized by them. Once we grow conscious of them, we can master them.

When we properly use and divinely express the Divine Intent of these energies, we call them virtues. When we selfishly misuse and inappropriately express the Divine intent of these energies, we call them vices. Ideally, we transcend our character vices and develop the Ray virtues.

We are here on Earth to evolve our consciousness. The term consciousness is synonymous with Soul, Soul being consciousness capable of awareness. Ultimately, the goal of the Soul is to evolve the consciousness into the perfect expression of Divine Love, to which we give the name Christ, or the full-grown Son or Daughter of Spirit.

So, Soul is the EVOLVING consciousness of love and Christ is the PERFECT expression of love.

(Please note: The term Christ has little to do with traditional religion. Christ, as we use the term in intuitive philosophy, is just another word for the perfect expression of Divine Love.)

The Seven Rays or Seven Characteristics of Divinity represent our ideal of perfection. The word perfection comes from the Latin and means “to make complete, to finish, to bring to full development.” Soul is the evolving consciousness. Christ is the perfected consciousness.

The number seven is regarded as a number of perfection. So the Seven Rays complete our ideal for the perfect development of our consciousness. If we leave out any one of these seven characteristics, our ideal will be incomplete and our consciousness will be incomplete. When we develop ourselves in all of them, our consciousness will be complete and – as a result – we will be fully right with ourselves. When you are whole and complete within yourself, then you don’t have to look for completion outside of you (ie: by attaching yourself to other people in the hopes that they will give you what you are lacking within yourself, such as power, love, wisdom, security etc.).

Developing your consciousness in the Seven Rays is the ultimate key to consciousness completion, self-mastery, inner peace, fulfillment and happiness. 

Now, to help you learn this lesson, we have created Seven Ray Declarations and Affirmations. Affirmations help us to reach our evolutionary goal by formulating and declaring it. Once our evolutionary goal is clearly formulated, we can go about embodying it. Affirmations serve as energetic anchors of sorts that help us to focus our mind and hold it one-pointedly in a place or space that forces us to expand our consciousness in order to realize the evolutionary goal we affirm.

To make affirmations work, we have to step into the divine idea of the affirmation by contemplating and appropriating it, clothe it into mental substance, make it magnetic by charging it with emotional force, and then ground it on Earth via a planned service activity.

3d-7raysactionguide.jpgOur Seven Ray Affirmations and Declarations have been formulated with exactly this goal in mind.

We have enclosed an affirmation action guide and companion to help you accomplish that, as well as a written script of the affirmations.

The goal of humanity is to step out of our humanity and into our Divinity. Our Divinity is sevenfold in character. By setting the goal to develop yourself in all seven characteristics, you are CONSCIOUSLY working towards reaching your evolutionary goal of perfecting or completing your consciousness. The Spirit of evolution within us pushes us on towards our evolutionary goal – however for many lifetimes that is mostly a totally UNCONSCIOUS process. By becoming conscious and strategic about your consciousness development goals and setting initiatives, which you do by choosing to work with these declarative affirmations, you become CONSCIOUS sooner, you AWAKEN faster! And at the end of the day, expanding your conscious awareness from “I am body” to “I am Soul” is your evolutionary goal and ticket to freedom from the wheel of rebirth. It is your ticket to enlightenment!

This set of audio files help you to develop the characteristics and qualities of the Seventh Ray of Ceremonial Order, Magic, Freedom and Spiritual Organization.

If you want more freedom, Spiritual dignity, diplomacy, gentleness and love, then these affirmations are for you! These powerful affirmations will help you to affirm the qualities of Spiritual alchemy and prosperity, diplomacy, transmutation, transfiguration, transformation, and much more. They will help you to emulate the Seventh Ray of God so you can become more Godlike in the way you express yourself and live your daily life.

This audio download contains five tracks: 

num1.png  Spoken declarations with beautifully soothing meditative music.

num2.png  Whispered declarations embedded in a beautiful musical composition with binaural beats. Binaural Beats are specially generated sound frequencies that can be used to alter brainwaves for the purpose of creating an energetic aura and perfect space for relaxation, creativity and Spiritual attunement. When the brain activity is negatively polarized (passive), it can be effortlessly impressed with the divine intent behind the affirmations, by this way deeply anchoring the message into the brain and nervous system. Please use stereo headphones for maximal results with binaural beats.

num3.png  Subliminal declarations embedded in angelic choirs and space melodies, enhanced with binaural beats to quiet brainwave activity. A "subliminal message” is a message that is sent below the threshold of conscious awareness - the message is not perceived by the rational, decision-making conscious mind, yet is picked up by the receptive, easily-influenced subconscious mind. 

num4.png  Declarations spoken in reverse, embedded in a deeply inspiring and creative musical atmosphere, enhanced with echoplex (special echo delay effect) and binaural beats in the background to effortlessly and effectively impress the brain and nervous system. The value of working with „affirmations spoken in reverse“ lies in reprogramming the subconscious mind more easily with a desired message. Let’s say you listen to a message but you cannot really believe it on a conscious mind level (i.e: you are told to have self-love but you cannot actually believe that you are lovable). If this is the case, then you will most likely end up sabotaging yourself through your doubts and disbelief. By working with affirmations spoken in reverse you are actually bypassing the conscious critical mind because the conscious mind cannot make any sense of the reversed message and thus judge it as unbelievable, which in turn will allow the message to go straight and unhindered into your subconscious mind. So this is also a wonderful, more passive way to work with your affirmations.

num5.png  Spoken declarations with a very gentle, focused, melody-free sound in the background.

Total Playing Time: 102 minutes.

The purpose of life is to realize your Divinity. To realize your Divinity you have to affirm it. These affirmations help you to affirm and own the qualities of the First Ray of Spirit.


The Seven Rays are said to make up the Personality of our Creator. Our Creator is:

num1.png   Powerful (First Ray of Power, Will and Purpose) 

num2.png   Loving (Second Ray of Love, Wisdom and Understanding)

num3.png   Intelligent (Third Ray of Active Intelligence)

num4.png   Harmonious (Fourth Ray of Harmony through Conflict)

num5.png   Knowing (Fifth Ray of Concrete Knowledge)

num6.png   Devoted to His/Her Creation (Sixth Ray of Idealism and Devotion)

num7.jpg   Free (Seventh Ray of Ceremony, Law and Order)

In truth, being an extension of our Creator and therefore totally like our Creator, we also are powerful, loving, intelligent, harmonious, knowing, devoted to oneness and free! We are all extensions of Divinity, perfect and complete!

quote.jpgHowever, ever since the so-called Fall of Man (a phrase commonly used to describe humanity's collective decision to deny our Creator and our Divinity - in intuitive philosophy also referred to as the so-called Breaking of the Antahkarana), so ever since the so-called Fall of Man, in our awareness we all have been cut off from and therefore been denying our Divine Source. And along with the decision to deny our Creator and our Divine Source, we also chose to deny our own Divine Self. And along with the decision to deny our own Divine Self, we chose to deny and become ignorant of the Seven Rays making up our Spiritual constitution - with the necessary consequence of unconsciously misusing for selfish purposes all these Divine energies (out of our ignorance and unawareness). So our decision to deny Source was a decision to be imperfect and incomplete! Not in reality, but in our awareness of reality.

num1.png   And this is why hardly anybody in this world today has true personal power and why our motives are not aligned with Divine Purpose and Intent. (First Ray)

num2.png   And this is why hardly anybody in this world today has true self-love and self-worth and why we all live in fear. (Second Ray)

num3.png   And this is why hardly anybody in this world today actively demonstrates true higher intelligence in their daily life and why we mostly act unintelligently. (Third Ray)

num4.png   And this is why hardly anybody in this world today is right with self and in harmony with the world and why we have not yet transmuted or harmonized the dualities of the lower self into the oneness of the Higher Self. (Fourth Ray)

num5.png   And this is why hardly anybody in this world today knows that they are Divine and why we are all ignorant of our Divine Home and Source. (Fifth Ray)

num6.png   And this is why hardly anybody in this world today is truly devoted to their dharma (their Divine Purpose) and why people worship false gods and idols instead of the One Life. (Sixth Ray)

num7.jpg   And this is why hardly anybody in this world today is truly free, being victimzed by their own Source-denying mind and energies, and why we don't take the initiative to understand all the Divine Laws that maintain Divine Order throughout the Cosmos and in our lives. (Seventh Ray).

And this is exactly why these Seven Ray audio files are in truth indispensable for anyone who sincerely works on their integrated ascension. Why? Because as long as any of these Seven Ray energies are missing in our consciousness or misused for separative purposes, we will literally be imperfect and incomplete. Our consciousness will be fragmented. 

We undo this fragmentation through integration. And we integrate the Seven Rays by first claiming them. Claiming them is the first step because before we can express an energy, we have to "seize" it. One powerful way to claim or seize these energies is through the activities of affirmation and declaration. 

The Official I AM University Seven Ray Affirmations will help you to do precisely that! They will help you to (re)affirm the Seven Ray qualities so you may – once again – be powerful, loving, intelligent, harmonious, knowing, idealistic, and free – like Source, our Creator! They will help you to return your consciousness and awareness to perfection and completion. They help you reach your evolutionary goal which is to evolve your consciousness into the perfect expression of Divine Love.


Tip: The science of affirmation is not just about repeating affirmations. It is about the conscious thinking “I,” the Soul in incarnation, assuming an affirmative position – affirmative in the sense of affirming the characteristics not just in mind, but also in emotion and action; affirmative in the sense of the Soul becoming the positive (active, impressing) polarity in relationship to the negatively polarized (passive, being impressed upon) substance of the bodies and dimensions we are working with. So this would be the proper attitude to assume when working with affirmations. Please ponder on that as you set out to develop an Integrated Full Spectrum Prism Consciousness – and you are guaranteed to see amazing results!

Ponder on This: Just repeating affirmations and doing nothing else won’t do much. For example, you can affirm from dawn to dusk that you are abundant, but if you don’t work on yourself, if you don’t work on your consciousness, on expanding your consciousness to understand and internalize the divine idea of abundance in its totality so you can fully step into it and ground the divine idea of abundance not just in your thinking but also in your feeling nature and physical reality, you won’t become abundant. To quote Djwhal Khul here: “You have to bring about within yourself those conditions which will make the divine manifested Christ present.” That’s literally the reason why so many people, to stay with our example, do abundance affirmations but they are not becoming any more abundant. You have to step into the divine idea of abundance by contemplating and appropriating it, clothing it into mental substance, making it magnetic by charging it with emotional force, and then grounding it on Earth via a planned service activity. So when you work with our Seven Ray Affirmations and Declarations, be sure to contemplate and meditate on the Divine idea behind the words, make them magnetic by charging them with emotional force (said another way: fill the thought forms with feeling and emotion) and then ground them in your daily life by putting in place a planned service activity and then acting upon it.

Investing in the development of your consciousness will be one of the best investments you will ever make in your life! Because the benefits will be yours - not just today, but for eternity.


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