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What is Meditation?


Dear friend on the Spiritual path,

Here at the I AM University’s Total Enlightenment Store you will find a wealth of literature and audio to meditate on and with to help you attain your evolutionary goal: enlightenment.
So let’s have a quick look at meditation to help us understand the purpose and goal of it.
Some of the earliest written records of meditation date back to as early as 1500 BCE. So meditation is not new.
It has been around for ages and it has grown tremendously in popularity ever since - partly thanks to the tireless efforts of the academic community to provide scientific proof for the power and effectiveness of meditation but especially so because meditation is being recognized all over the world as an inexhaustible source for inspiration and energy. 200x23-colorballs.gif

quote.jpgYou should sit in meditation for twenty minutes every day - unless you're too busy; then you should sit for an hour. - Old Zen Adage 


blueflowersmall.jpgMeditation is growing to become an intrinsic part of mainstream philosophy in the 21st century which is nothing less than a beautiful indication of the global awakening of humanity.

In search of higher meaning and purpose, humanity has discovered meditation as a means to access higher consciousness and realize their own Divinity.

So the true reason why meditation is growing in popularity is because we have reached a poignant moment in human history – a moment where we are collectively getting ready to meet our own Divinity. 

We are awakening to our own Divinity – and meditation plays an intricate part in this amazing process because it puts us in touch with that which is Divine. Read on and you will find out why.

In the words of Djwhal Khul: 

quote.jpgdk-200x280.gifEarly in experience, after the attainment of the highest the lower nature has to offer, man begins to meditate. Disorderly at first are his attempts, and sometimes several incarnations may go by in which the Higher Self only forces the man to think, and seriously to meditate at rare and separate intervals. More frequently come the occasions of withdrawing within, until there arises for the man several lives given to mystic meditation and aspiration, culminating usually in a life given entirely to it... - Djwhal Khul 200x23-colorballs.gif


So what exactly is meditation and what is the aim of meditation?

To answer this profound question and to understand the magnificent purpose and powerful aim of meditation, let’s have a look at the Spiritual constitution of man.
The constitution of man is basically threefold: Monad - Soul - Personality




The Monad (also known as Divine Self) reflects the three aspects of our Creator on a Monadic level: 

Will or Power
Active Intelligence




The Soul (also known as Higher Self) reflects the three aspects of the Monad on a Soul level: 

Spiritual Will
Higher abstract mind




The Personality (also known as lower self) reflects the three aspects of the Soul on a Personality level:
Mental body
Emotional body
Physical/etheric body


The goal of meditation is:

  1. To align the physical, emotional and lower mental bodies so they form one cohesive unit.
  2. To bring the lower self under the control of the Higher Self so that the Soul may use this cohesive threefold unit in service of the Divine on Earth.
  3. 200x200-circle-sayyes.jpgTo align the Higher Self with the Divine Self for the purpose of bringing mankind to the realization of his and her Divinity.
Such an alignment brings about a continuity of consciousness – a continuity between the Soul on the Soul plane and its life in the body (the conscious thinking “I”) – whereby the Soul in incarnation may realize and recognize itself to be Soul (and ultimately, Monad).

Here is what happens: 

  1. In meditation, Divine ideas are communicated by Spirit to our Soul.
  2. Our Soul impresses these Divine ideas upon our mind.
  3. Our mind, ideally being held steadily in the light, formulates these Divine ideas into thought forms.
  4. These thought forms, in turn, are impressed upon the quiescent brain.
  5. Our job, as Soul in incarnation working through a physical brain, is to take these Divinely impressed ideas and formulate them into a planned physical service activity, thereby grounding the idea on Earth.
When we take a divine idea into our consciousness and hold it there by focusing our full attention on it until the frequency of the idea is impressed upon the substance of our mental, emotional and etheric bodies and registered there, the frequency is finally impressed upon and registered in our brain awareness in the form of intuitive understanding of higher Divine truth. 
When this process happens, this is called meditation. Meditation is the activity of internalizing a Divine idea or concept.
As we learn to register higher impressions in our physical brain – which will naturally happen once we establish an alignment between our Divine Self and our brain in meditation and our daily life – Divine realizations start becoming “real” in our brain awareness. Why?

Here is why: 


The Soul is anchored in the brain via a thread. In intuitive philosophy, this thread is known as the Consciousness Thread (Soul is synonymous with consciousness; therefore “Consciousness Thread”). 
The conscious thinking “I” with which we are all identified is the Soul in incarnation (anchored in the brain via the Consciousness Thread) that does not know itself to be Soul. The overlighting Soul living on the Soul plane, on the other hand, does know itself to be Soul. 
Our evolutionary goal is to anchor Soul awareness into our brain and to evolve the conscious thinking “I” from “I am body” to “I am Soul.” Our evolutionary goal is to create an unobstructed channel of communication between Soul and brain and to live life with the full awareness of being Soul using mind, astral force and body as our threefold instrument for Soul expression. We accomplish that by the overlighting Soul anchoring itself via the Consciousness Thread into the brain and nervous system. 
The Soul anchors itself and is magnetically attracted “down into the body” when we meditate on and contemplate matters of the Soul.
The more we meditate on and contemplate the reality of the Soul, the more we draw Soul consciousness into our brain awareness – with the effect of stimulating and activating quiescent brain cells and awakening the brain consciousness to the light of the Soul. As we make that inner consciousness a part of the conscious life, we begin realizing that we are indeed Divine. Realizing our own Divinity does not only bring us deep inner peace and fulfillment, it also means freedom from the wheel of rebirth and therefore the attainment of our current evolutionary goal. 
So as you can see, meditation does nothing less than helping us achieve our evolutionary goal of anchoring Soul awareness into our brain. Soul awareness in the brain equals deep inner peace and boundless joy because Soul awareness involves intuitive understanding of Divine truths on a level that goes beyond rational, Soul-denying personality level thinking. Soul awareness in the brain means living on Earth, in a physical body, knowing that we are Soul, temporarily in school here for learning, service and Spiritual growth.

Meditate with the I AM University

The wealth of literature that we offer here at the I AM University, in our Total Enlightenment Store, if meditated upon and internalized as described above, will help you to move Soul consciousness into your brain awareness. 
3d-blog.jpgSo may we kindly suggest that you do not just read the literature we provide and listen to the meditations we offer on the go but that you actually internalize it all and take it in mentally, emotionally and etherically/physically-wise.
Reading without internalization and implementation leads to mental and emotional constipation. 
quote.jpgWe have to ground Divine concepts in our consciousness so we may then radiate our Divine understanding through our aura into the etheric network of humanity, thereby sharing it with and thus serving all of humanity. 200x23-colorballs.gif
When we meditate, we receive energy. When we meditate right, we take the energy we receive and direct it through our mental, emotional and physical/etheric bodies out into our aura and environment or sphere of influence. If we fail to do that, the energy ends up getting blocked in one or another of the bodies causing problems in our overall service instrument.
The energies we invoke in meditation need to flow freely through our service instrument out into our aura and environment in order to be freely shared with others. If we do not share it and keep all the energy to ourselves, we manifest sickness and disease.

Strive for 24 hour a day contemplative meditation

Our goal should be to let our every thought, emotion, word and action become our daily meditation; so formal daily meditation should eventually be superseded by a 24 hour a day contemplative meditation. It is only via the act of meditation – the internalization of divine ideas and the expansion of consciousness and ensuing Soul awareness it brings – that the consciousness of the Soul may be realized and realization of it be registered in our brain awareness
quote.jpgWhen we, as the conscious thinking “I” (the Soul in incarnation centered in the brain), align ourselves with our overlighting Soul on a daily basis, creating an unobstructed channel of communication, then the light of the Soul can perpetually flow down through this channel into our brain awareness and illuminate the brain (which is the coordinating factor in the dense physical body). We become illumined by the light of the Soul. We become enlightened. We attain our evolutionary goal. 
With that in mind, may we cordially invite you to take advantage of the wonderful services of the I AM University offered here, at Total Enlightenment Store. They will help you to become Soul-conscious and realize your evolutionary goal.